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    Giveaway! Breeding leftovers

    NOTE: Use XY/ORAS for this. I have Sun/Moon, but as of now, the update to make Pokémon Bank compatible with Sun/Moon hasn't been released yet. These Pokémon have been sitting in my box for a while. With the release of Sun & Moon, I feel it's time to give them a new home. Here's what I have...
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    Breeding Leftovers: The Return: The Revenge

    Hi. I've gotten a lot more leftovers since last time. All are either 5IV, or 4IV (Hidden Power/Gyro Ball). 9 have been taken so far. The ones listed below are the ones still available. Pichu (5): Magnemite (3): Ferroseed (2): Again, I'm not looking for anything in particular, but...
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    GEN VI: LF: Unown

    (Yes, I am aware you can catch Unown on Mirage Cave, but hear me out.) I've recently started a living 'dex project that includes all formes, but I'm missing a few Unown (specifically, I, K, L, M, W, Y, and Z), as I've traded them a long time ago. I'd rather not have to keep checking for a...
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    A few 5IV breeding leftovers (Giveaway)

    Hi. As the title implies, I have some 5IV Pokémon left over from breeding I don't need. As I'm also currently breeding for other things, this thread will be updated semi-regularly. Durant (2 left): Geodude (1 left): I'm not looking for anything in particular, but I wouldn't mind...
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    GEN VI: Reckless Starly and Vital Spirit Tyrogue

    Need a bit of help, since every Starly horde I've encountered had Keen Eye, and I don't have access to a Fighting-type Safari. Natures, gender (in the Starly's case), and IVs don't matter. If there's something specific you want in return, tell me, and I'll see if I have it.
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    GEN VI: Mega Stones (Done)

    I'm collecting all of the Mega Stones, and I only need four more; those stones being: Aggronite Charizardite Y Houndoominite Mewtwonite Y If anyone has them, I can offer these stones in return: Charizardite X Manectite Mewtwonite X Tyranitarite If there's something else...
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    GEN VI: Jolly 5IV Charmander w/ Dragon Dance & Fire Punch

    I'm going to start over, and I want to put together a team for that, which is where the Charmander comes in. Name your price. EDIT: Never mind.
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    GEN VI: HA Frogadier and Pikachu

    Hi. As the title implies, I'd like to have a Frogadier (or Froakie, whichever you prefer) and a Pikachu with their Hidden Abilities. Ideally, both Pokémon should be female, and the Pikachu should be in a Luxury Ball. I can trade either an IV-bred Pokémon, a Smeargle w/ Happy Hour, or an extra...
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    Serene Grace + Nasty Plot + Timid Togepi Giveaway

    Hello again. In my attempts to hatch a female Togepi, I ended up with 32 male ones that really ought to be given to others. As mentioned in the title, all of them have the Timid nature, Serene Grace, and Nasty Plot. Want one? Schedule a trade, and be sure to specify your timezone. If you want...
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    Brave & Quiet Nature Dittos

    Hi there; it's been a while since I posted here, I know, but I could use some help. I'm collecting a set of Dittos with stat-altering natures. I have most of them, but I still need two more, hence the title. If you're interested, add my White 2 FC (located in my signature) then specify...