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    REVIEW: S12 EP16: The Lonely Snover!

    One of a few episodes to have literate translation of Japanese title. Also first Pokémon episode that aired in HD and 16:9 in Japan. Will this be true for US airing too? Well, lets find out in a few hours. Hope I am not too early with this. If I am, I am sorry, but I don't live in USA.
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    REVIEW: S11 EP36: Camping It Up!

    So, this is start of Summer School miniarc and episode we will find out Aoi's dub name. Watch out for some exciting battles and fights :lol: (I really want to made this review thread at least once and I can't resist to take such great opportunity)
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    Jetix Europe Picks Up New Pokémon Season

    See this article: http://www.worldscreen.com/newscurrent.php?filename=jetix081408.htm It is obvious from the article, that Jetix's main target is UK, where Pokémon airs on Cartoon Network untill now. I wonder though, if this means something for other countries where Jetix operates. I am...
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    Your favourite english movie ending

    I was wonder what your favourite english ending song is. I exclude movies 1, 2 and 5 since they don't have single song but instead uses many songs from soundtrack. Other movies are included. I personally like movie 9 ending. Not only it fits the movie, but also it proven PUSA can make a good...
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    Poland against "homosexual Teletubbies". Dangerous precedent?

    Here You may said that Poland is stupid homophobic country and you will right. But even if in Poland they take this as joke, I'm affraid if they really censored Teletubbies, it may be precedent for other countries to. Especially for USA. I did not want to get the point when we will dicused if...