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    EVERYONE: CS Adventures

    Author's note: I finally found the courage to post something. Uh, this was actually supposed to be a one-shot kind of thing but apparently my brain had other ideas and it is now mentally writing chapter 2 (but you'd probably wait a while for it) Feedback is greatly appreciated. Like how is my...
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    Random things in Pokémon that remind you of other things and vice versa

    Sorry if there's another thread like this, I couldn't find one. Anyways, post stuff that remind you of Pokémon and vice versa. So, stuff that remind me of Pokémon: Umbrella Beach by Owl City "Sands (burmy sandy cloak) and gears (klink), oh how the daisies (sunflora, I know it's a sunflower...
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    Hi everyone!

    So...hi everyone. I signed up last Tuesday (I know what you're thinking but that has nothing to do with my username, it's a coincidence) but I was only able to check my e-mail today. I like Pokémon, Tamagotchi, listening to Owl City (some of my favorites are Hot Air Balloon, Galaxies, Vanilla...