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    GEN VI: Looking for tanabata Jirachi

    I am currently after the shiny tanabata Jirachi event. As I cant trade up my legit wishmkr jirachi I need it for collection purposes. Also possibly interested in Diancies and other offers possibly. Here is what I have: Gen 6: Bank Celebi Event torchic GTS vivilion Other: Aura Mew. Hayley Mew...
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    Dawn of the final day.

    Wasnt sure where to post or ask this.. so delete if needed. But im looking for some one who can check the SID's of two of my gen 4 games before we lose wifi.
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    GEN VI: Need a manaphy

    So my living dex now only needs a manaphy. Ive got every other event legend and some shiny's. Not really sure what to offer here.. Ive got alot of events. Ive got all event mews to date I think. same goes for jirachi's and celebi's, and deoxys. Ive got a few odd end things ive got some shiny...
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    The Status of Our Friend Red.

    I was thinking and realized.. Is Red really the epic guy we once knew still? I mean he stopped a criminal organization. So lets think if he met gen 3 or 4's heroes. Brendan/May:So I stopped these two rival hippie groups from drastically ruining the worlds geography.. Lucas/Dawn:I stopped a...
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    Radical ideas

    I think it would be interesting if we just had new starters, new legends, and maybe roughly 20-30 new additions to the already existing 493. The rest of the regional dex being comprised of mons we have already seen and know. HOWEVER. They have slightly altered appearances due to regional...
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    Bullet train blues.

    So am I the only one that was let down by the train? For some reason SS killed my memories of Silver as the windows are just tinted. Whereas in the originals I fondly remember seeing Gold's sprites face in the window. I used to always ride the train. Now I just fly. Such a small thing yet it...
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    Sirphish's random work.

    I decided to work with spriting again and so far here are some of my results.. A rework of a possible espeon evo. Celestion*name credit to Blazing. Originalv Rayquaza Recolor- A custom with no name.. A new Deoxys forme- And lastly for now.. Mewthree- I'd like to keep...
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    So I noticed looking at bulba's 10 aniv event page that Typhlosion and tyranitar had the almost exactly the same pose and direction.. Soo.. And overheat.. I feel the head may be in need for some cleaning up. But thought I would share. : )
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    Espeon evovles.

    *drumroll* Comments?
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    Sirphish's graphic shop.

    Sirphish at your service.
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    Goldenkarp they be driven me mad.

    I know the Masuda method lowers the odds. But even with my jpn feebas (erm oh yeah level 96 milotic now) and level 74 gyrados. Ive gone through near 400+karps with no gold.Should I press on or surrender with the odds against me? Was wondering if anyone has had decent luck with the masuda method?
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    The thing I always wonder about Mew.

    So number 151. I remember back way back in the day Mew was white. I never understood the change to pink. It rather confuses me becouse people will tell me it was always pink. But in its debut movie it was white. *however oddly enough on the cover later depicted pink. It makes less sense when you...