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  1. Vulcanos

    Sun/Moon might be the weakest entry yet... (Ramblings from a Disappointed Fan)

    I know this may not be a popular opinion, but to be honest... this has been the most disappointing installment I have faced. And I was SO excited for this game, too! For starters, I felt that there was just so little content from a gameplay standpoint, and this was also countered by the fact...
  2. Vulcanos

    What do you think happened to the Flare Scientists?

    With Sun & Moon just two weeks away, and giving us a reason to forget about X&Y for good, I was thinking about the fact they don't explain what happened to the girls that lacked personalities. My guess is they all got buried in the rubble because they didn't have common sense.
  3. Vulcanos

    Least favorite Elite Four member

    To me, it's Malva. Easily. I hate her so damn much! She's such a jerk, and she's a member of the lamest villain group this side of Team Galactic. Plus, she's the only member I can think of that openly hates you.
  4. Vulcanos

    Oh, Hey...

    Long time Pokemaniac, first time Bulbagardener. I promise to provide opinions & feedback while being part of the wholesome discussions that go on here. I am hoping this'll be better than the other major Pokemon Internet forum out there.