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  1. NinjutsuSen

    8 episodes in and nobody even likes it

    Nostalgia in a sense of people who grew up with region X (games and anime). Meaning visiting important locations, meeting past legendaries etc. Of course there can't be any real nostalgia coming up when there's no real continuity. That's what maked the series so bad. It's a half hearted try to...
  2. NinjutsuSen

    8 episodes in and nobody even likes it

    The idea of multiple regions at once is the thing that is problematic. I would probably find the series okay if the writing was decent but that's not the case. The first 8 episodes are shitty written and makes it confirm my fears that this series is only a nostalgic wankfest at it's finest.
  3. NinjutsuSen

    3rd Version/Sequels?

    I can see a sequel happening since there are a couple of things that could be hinting that. How some characters ended up, the minor and major league princip and other.
  4. NinjutsuSen

    SPOILERS Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    This was a fake leak I saw mentioned on other message boards. Had incosistencies in Hop's team. Highest regular 8th leader was Wulfric (Lv.59 Avalug). Highest level overall not considering rematches is indeed Blue with I think his Lv.60 Pidgeot in HGSS.
  5. NinjutsuSen

    Gyms Speculation Thread

    I think you have to work yourself to the major league with winning the first league (8 gyms + champion cup for the minor league) so you can rank up to a major league trainer, then you can do the remaining 10 gyms as post game content. Who knows, maybe there's still a (typeless) Elite 4 after...
  6. NinjutsuSen

    PREVIEW: Pocket Monsters the series (2019)

    Pokemon anime without a female protagonist? Never. For me it looks like we're getting two sets of characters with their own journey culminating into both groups meeting at the end or a couple of times through the series. Similiar to Alain in XY + Mega-Evolution special, but more frequent. So I...
  7. NinjutsuSen

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    So rather continuing milking the older region, especially regions like Kanto, who got milked like cows in the past? No thanks.
  8. NinjutsuSen

    PREVIEW: SM139: Birth! The Alola Champion!!

    The thought of Ash winning a league with his arguably weakest team and with his that low amount of effort he put in... At least he won a league.
  9. NinjutsuSen

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    I fear that the new anime will have a cartoon style just like that animation. If that's the case, then why they just don't call the new series Sword&Shield if Galar gets the most spotlight and all the other regions getting a couple of episodes each. SM also had trips to other regions and they...
  10. NinjutsuSen

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    For me it looks like Scorbunny is more on the foreground than Grookey and Sobble, which implies for me that it's Gloria's Pokemon (if she's the companion). Reminds me of some movie poster in the DP anime, where Piplup was more highlighted than the others.
  11. NinjutsuSen

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    Well if he wins in Alola then there's the possibility that they're gonna do a champions cup in Galar and since he's already qualified to enter, they could give the role of doing gym battles the companion, who could be Gloria. Heck maybe we'll get both a regular league for Gloria and the...
  12. NinjutsuSen

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    I can see Gloria being Ash's companion with her doing the gym battles, while Allister is in the cast for gags.
  13. NinjutsuSen

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    I've heard people say there are gonna be one or two new protagonists for each region and the series constantly switching between regions/characters. That would be such a huge mess, that I find it to be unlikely and unimaginable even for the most unexperienced writer. But looking back, I think...
  14. NinjutsuSen

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    A reboot would be fine, but then it should've take place in Galar alone and not other regions stealing spotlight of Galar when they already were represented in their own series. This is just bad.
  15. NinjutsuSen

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    They better give Kanto - Alola one episode each and the rest of the three years goes to Galar.
  16. NinjutsuSen

    Which Gen do you think was the absol-lute best?

    Gen 4 Best games, best anime, best spin-offs, best hype phase, best everything.
  17. NinjutsuSen

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    XY being similiar to AG...okay there are some similiarities like the 4 people group but I think they differ each other just enough. But I can't see anything DP in SM. Like they couldn't be different enough.
  18. NinjutsuSen

    Starters Discussion

    The Sobble evo looks quite good and I wouldn't mind it to be real. Scorbunny's is similiar to what I was expecting but I think it should become a bit more taller with larger ears and overall more red. Grookey's one looks fine but I want a gorilla starter Pokemon for god sake. The Ben Affleck...
  19. NinjutsuSen

    Sun and Moon has sunk to an all time low

    You all remembered when people thought structuring the anime more like Yokai Watch would help? Seems like they were wrong.