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  1. TheCableGuy

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    So, I'm browsing the GTS in X and looking at the Zubats When I find that there are several Zubats being offered But..... About 11 of the Zubats are nicknamed "Rayito" All 11 are being offered in return for Electivire Every Offerer has #All Elements in their notes. But all of the offered are...
  2. TheCableGuy

    Mandatory events that are just patronizing and/or "forced."

    Like, Anyone else hate being "Given" a Pokemon? Not just given Pokemon but a Pokemon you feel like you haven't earned. First, being given a Charmander/Squrtle/Bulbasaur before you even reached your first Gym in X/Y... Then Being Given Lucario in Tower of Mastery is kind of like an ultimate...
  3. TheCableGuy


    So she's out today. I want to know what nature/characteristic you all decided on for your Meloetta. I pulled a Rash/Likes to Thrash (love it because it rhythms) stats: 170/97/97/155/126/98
  4. TheCableGuy

    "Pointless" Hidden Ablilies?

    Taking a Look at a Minccino I found in a Hidden Grotto, I notice it's Hidden ability is Skill Link. Sounds good at first but then I remember that it only learns one Multi-strike move (doubleslap) and it's not really that good of a move. So, what good is it really? I mean, I can...
  5. TheCableGuy

    Looking for a Japanese Female Togekiss/Togetic

    Like the Title says, I'm looking for a Japanese Female Togekiss/Togetic, Preferably with Decent Stats if possible Been trading on the GTS back and forth for days now but all I'm getting is English ones. Seems like everyone Wants a Female Togekiss except someone with a Japanese one.
  6. TheCableGuy

    Reposting. Need Legendaries. For Diamond.

    I'm looking for: Latias Jirachi Manaphy Darkrai Shaymin Arceus Or If you want, I'm willing to Trade it right back to again. I only need these to record them. But I have Shinies that I'll trade you. Ralts (Female, Quiet, Mischievous) Dratini (Male, Adamant, Often Dozes off)...
  7. TheCableGuy

    Lookng for some random Pokemon for my DEX

    I'm looking for: Latias Jirachi Manaphy Darkrai Shaymin Arceus Shinies (all that's Left) : Dratini (Male, Adamant) Or If you're looking for something, name it and I might be able to help you.
  8. TheCableGuy

    Looking for Pre-Sinnoh Starters and a few others

    I need: Charmander Squirtle Cyndaquil Torchic Mudkip Also: Tangla Electabuzz Zangoose Lunatone If anyone has any Pre-Hoenn Legendaries to spare, I need them as well. I can trade: Rayquaza Kyogre Groudon Regirock Regice Registeel Latios for Latias Plus a few Shinies: Ralts - Female, Modest...
  9. TheCableGuy

    Looking for Pre-Sinnoh Starters, all besides Treeko.

    Looking for all Pre-Sinnoh Starters besides: Treeko Totodile Chikorita Bulbasaur Also Looking for a few missing Pokemon like: Electabuzz Lunatone Zangoose Tangla Huntail Gorebyss And any Pre-Hoenn Legendary. shoot, I'll even trade them back to you afterwards. I just need them to record them...
  10. TheCableGuy

    Most Messed up Shiny Sprite.

    So, I was looking at the Shiny Sprites of various Pokemon and I got to thinking... Some Sprites are just so....."Wrong." I mean, Roserade for example, actually becomes dull and Colorless as a Shiny. Dragonite's pre-evolutions are Bright pink but becomes Green with Pink wings..? I mean...
  11. TheCableGuy

    Black and White or Black and White 2?

    So, I'm wondering. I haven't played either B&W or B&W2 yet but I want to but I don't really want to get both. I'm wondering if I should get one of the first or the second or maybe just wait until Gen 6.
  12. TheCableGuy

    Ever had that one Pokemon.....

    That you just didn't want to evolve? I have a Meowth that I carry around with me just to use Pay day but I also keep for his Pick up Ability. Even though his stats are terrible and Pay Day does poor damage, he's fun to keep around and Letting him evolve feels like the fun will be over...