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    GEN VI: Wanted: Charizardite X

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone is willing to trade me Charizardite X. I can offer Charizardite Y in return. Does not matter if to me if it was obtained by cloning items or not. It will come with a Charmeleon from the FS or something else I may have if you ask. My FC is in my sig and my IGN is...
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    Things You Collect

    Just post about things that you like to collect, can be anything from the ordinary to the strange. I collect CDs/ vinyl records since for some reason I love having music in a physical form and always love the little things that come with them like posters or booklets.
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    GEN VI: Need Pokerus!

    Hello, I need Pokerus for EV training please! Any Pokemon that is infected and can spread it will do. I don't have much to offer but I do have a spare Xerneas if anyone wants it. My FC is in my sig. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi! My name is...

    Sorry bad joke I know but had too. Anyways my name is *chicka* *chicka* Slim Shady and recently I have gotten back into Pokemon after kind of being out of it for a few years and I am going to get a Gen VI game soon to start with. I come from Canada and started playing Pokemon around the 3rd...