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  1. Silktree

    More prototype Pokemon from Gold and Silver revealed

    Now, for those of you who really don't know, we have access to sprites from not only the Spaceworld 99 build of the games (only a few months prior to the final release, and yet...) but even from an early 97 build predating the famous Spaceworld 97 build. . There are 151 "new" Pokemon here in...
  2. Silktree

    The Elephant in the Room: Go and Koharu's Backstory

    Go is the third companion (let alone a co-star) that lacks any family. The first one would be Tracey, but that character was an anomaly altogether, and then there's Iris who only got a faux grandmother (essentially a primitive professor) and an unlikable mentor. In Go's case, it seems that the...
  3. Silktree

    Hopes for Pocket Monsters

    You can only list three wishes. I'll start: For Go not to just randomly bump into Mew. Given its voice actor, I want Mew to turn out to be the same one from Movie 1 and cooperate with Mewtwo, against Giovanni or whatever. Make Mew feel like a childish yet responsible Mother Earth. For Ash to...
  4. Silktree

    Pokémon Masters General Discussion Thread

    Some topics for discussion: How many Pokemon the player can use? Is the game compatible with Go and maybe even SwSh? Is the battle system roughly the same as Go's, only with triple battles? Is the game really going to bring back all the trainers, including player characters and trainer...
  5. Silktree

    New Mechanic

    Notice a pattern? If I had to guess, that symbol foreshadows Sword/Shield forms or something along those lines. Armored Mewtwo could be the first Shield (Defense-based) representative. I don't like the idea, so don't shoot the messenger.
  6. Silktree

    New Prototype Data for Red and Green

    Helix Chamber have been contacted by a donor, who sent them some prototype assets. Here is their analysis of the important tidbits. For whatever reason, they chose to announce this via a stream of a ROM hack that includes some of these assets, in addition to fan-made ones. Given their honesty...
  7. Silktree

    Let's Go: So Far And Yet So Close

    I posted this review more than a month ago, but the blogs have been reset (again). There is no reason to let it go to waste, even if the blogs are not exactly buzzing with activity. I rented a Switch and a copy of LGE, and finished the main content in two weeks (excluding Red, Master Trainers...
  8. Silktree

    Which moves would you add to LGPE?

    Looking at the long list of missing moves, I have to say that the vast majority of them do seem like bloat as far as the first 151 Pokemon are concerned. If you had to pick no more than 50 moves to add back, which would they be? Here's my list: Aerial Ace Aromatherapy Aura Sphere Baton Pass...
  9. Silktree

    Ideas for Let's Go Johto

    Even though any sequels, if they exist, are at least two years away... I feel like tossing some ideas, mostly for the story. First, gameplay ideas beyond simple stuff like more rideable Pokemon and better motion controls: 1. The most popular idea for starters seems to be Marill and Togepi, and...
  10. Silktree

    Pikachu's Beach

    There was a house south of Fuchsia in Yellow that accommodated a cute surfing mini-game, in case Pikachu knew Surf from Stadium or a distribution. How will this be addressed now? I see three options: 1. The game will be adapted with few changes, and both Pikachu and Eevee will learn Surf...
  11. Silktree

    Spoilers The Detective Pikachu Appreciation Club

    Is anyone else playing this underrated game? I'm in the beginning of Chapter 5 and here are my thoughts: 1. Overall, the graphics and atmosphere are lovely, but most importantly Detective Pikachu's personality is a delight. It's also refreshing to see Pokemon live alongside people without...
  12. Silktree

    EVERYONE: Reverberations of Time

    Reverberations of Time A mystery story about the meaning of coexistence In 2001, a 12-year old trainer named Kris sets out on an atypical journey that defies expectations. 20 years later, a boy of the same age, called Ernest, investigates the truth behind something horrific. How are the two...
  13. Silktree

    How did the original Ash's story end?

    For those of us who believe that SM is not a continuation of XYZ, as stated by the sound director, how do you think that the original Ash's story continued after XYZ? I'd like to believe that he rechallenged and won the Indigo League.
  14. Silktree

    QR Rental Teams

    Am I the only one bothered by the continued absence of this feature? Just what are Game Freak waiting for? It's the one thing that will make me touch my 3DS again.
  15. Silktree

    Mythical Pokémon (datamine spoilers)

    There's been some discussion about this topic in the main spoiler thread, but I think it warrants its own thread. The key question is: What does the fact that there are "only" two new mythicals mean? Magearna's QR code is already available in Japan, so that only leaves Marshadow to be used for...
  16. Silktree

    The Island Trials

    It turns out that something interesting was mentioned during E3, but hardly anyone noticed it. It was actually revealed that in order to become the Champion, the player has to win the "island trials". Judging from the name alone, we are not dealing with standard gyms. The question is: Just how...
  17. Silktree

    The Strange Souvenir Pokémon

    Oddly enough, there is no thread about this yet. I think most of us can agree that the Strange Souvenir foreshadows a Generation VII Pokémon, and that it is probably a legendary. The item itself is unlikely to be transferred from XY to Sun/Moon due to Bank's limitations. Besides, it is just a...
  18. Silktree

    Official Remarks about Mew and Arceus

    The Japanese 20th anniversary website discusses Mew and Arceus on the general Pokémon page. I believe that this is the first time Mew and Arceus have officially been discussed together, so once again, I've asked クリスタル to translate the relevant section. The key to solve the secrets of Pokémon...
  19. Silktree

    The Official Mew/Mewtwo Report

    The Japanese 20th anniversary website recently added a very interesting section just about the Mew/Mewtwo mystery. While it basically just covers what we already know from the games, the way it is presented is still interesting, at least to theorists such as myself. So I asked クリスタル to translate...
  20. Silktree

    Kanto/Johto Sequels

    Since ORAS were announced, there have been several discussions about the idea of re-remaking Generation I, and it seems that many fans agree that a new story would be better than retreating the old one yet again. This is reinforced by Game Freak's decision to re-release the original games for...