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  1. glow

    Moves that Pokemon should/should not be able to learn

    No idea why Hariyama can learn Brine.
  2. glow

    What did you NOT like about Sun&Moon?

    You know, I appreciate the sentiment of your Pokemon getting critical hits in hopes of being praised, but it really is not doing me any favors when I'm trying to catch something.
  3. glow

    What video games are you playing now?

    After my Breath of Fire 2 save file was deleted as a result of a faulty "new" battery, I've been replaying the hell out of it to bring back the former glory of my last journey, which had literally everything.....of course, I replaced the battery myself this time. If you want something done...
  4. glow

    Your first M-rated game

    Parasite Eve. It's probably quaint in comparison to stuff nowadays.
  5. glow

    Favorite game soundtrack?

    Megaman X3 and Chrono Cross.
  6. glow

    Your Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    7 is awesome and I wish Capcom would acknowledge the non 8 bit classic Megaman games in general. IV is also awesome. You should try out V (Gameboy) as well, it's also great and follows a similar formula. On topic, I greatly dislike the majority of games and the industry in general as it has...
  7. glow


    Have a Roy currently in transit. The detailing on this one in particular impresses me, and even if I wasn't a Fire Emblem fan I'd probably get it anyway just because it looks really good. That being said, I think I'll finally be done with amiibo once I get Corrin. Or at least that's what I'm...
  8. glow

    Favorite Fire Emblem character?

    Celica, Catria, Matthew, Farina and Mitama.
  9. glow

    Fire Emblem Fates

    I'm in the middle of Revelations atm and I really don't like the level designs so far.
  10. glow

    Fire Emblem Fates

    Mitama is great My best unit in Birthright Solo'd the last map
  11. glow

    Fire Emblem Fates

    Oh god you weren't kidding
  12. glow

    Worst Voice Acting In Video Games!

    The same voice actor for Megaman in 8 also voiced X in X4, and I don't think the vocals are fitting for either character. I can't attest for X4, but the Japanese version of 8 (Rockman 8 that is) is infinitely more tolerable, although I do think that the English voice for Wily was pretty good...
  13. glow

    Fire Emblem Fates

    Beat Conquest today, those last chapters are a doozy. There were at least a good handful of times when I was positive various units were done for, but I managed to make it without any casualties. Hopefully Birthright won't make me feel as horrible about my decisions as Conquest did...
  14. glow

    Worst Voice Acting In Video Games!

    This, definitely. When I first saw videos of the voice acting I honestly thought it was a joke and someone had dubbed over the original audio for intentionally humorous purposes.
  15. glow

    Fire Emblem Fates

    Can we share castle addresses here? If so, mine is 05469-14417 67207-38701 Let me know if you visit mine, I'll return the favor and try to give you a reasonably good accessory. (You don't lose accessories given to others fyi) On the gameplay side of things, I'm really enjoying the challenge...
  16. glow

    What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    In the middle of Love Live season 2.
  17. glow

    What video games are you playing now?

    Love Live School Idol Festival, Rockman 4 and 6 (complete works), Pokemon Emerald and Dragon's Lair.
  18. glow

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I finally bought a complete Misadventures of Tron Bonne, no longer my holy grail.
  19. glow


    Finally showing off my collection so far. (By the way that's Toon Link behind Samus)
  20. glow


    Amiibos are dangerous, man. I started out only wanting one and now I almost have 30...