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    Is Pokemon getting too easy?

    Honestly, Pokemon's always been easy. It's always been an entry-level RPG for younger or less experienced gamers with pretty straightforward gameplay, as long as we're talking about the main story and casual battles. I don't think Pokemon is going from challenging to easy like some Nintendo...
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    Disturbing music from Non Horror video games

    Speaking of Portal 2, there's the Rattman's Ghost, aka one of the few things in a video game that has actually given me nightmares. For anyone who hasn't heard this one, it only plays in a few Rattman's Dens if you get close to the graffiti. It's usually pretty quiet, but if you listen closely...
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    The First Starter You've Picked For Each Generation?

    Kanto: Pikachu (Yellow)/Bulbasaur (Leaf Green) Johto: Totodile (Never played HGSS) Hoenn: Mudkip (Probably going to use it again if I get ORAS) Sinnoh: Chimchar Unova: Oshawott Kalos: Fennekin
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    What does your ideal Pokémon game look like?

    -Fairly large region that should allow for some level of free roaming and exploration. Also, having a lot of unique environments would be nice. -Diverse Pokedex, with all types given good representation and availability. Ideally, a large number of useful Pokemon of all types should be...
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    Maybe it's just because I didn't grow up with Gen 1, but I've never understood why everyone thinks Lavender Town is so scary. Also, these Lavender Town creepypastas have been reposted so many times around the internet that I'm surprised anyone actually believes them anymore.
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    Favorite Normal Type?

    Definitely Miltank for me. I decided to try it out in Gold once, and it was insanely bulky and surprisingly powerful for something with only 80 base attack. It's got a nice design too. Overall one of my favorite Gen 2 'mons.
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    Normal type, would you buff it?

    I think that if I buffed the Normal type, I would remove the resistance that Rock and Steel have against it. Since Normal is supposed to be the "neutral" type, it shouldn't be resisted by or super effective against anything, with Ghost being the exception for the sake of making Ghost a more...
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    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    I think Golurk needs a decent Ghost type STAB before it gets a Mega. Iron Fist Shadow Punch and Phantom Force are usable in game, but they aren't quite enough for it to leave much of a competitive impact.
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    A Different Way To Play Pokemon (Gift and In-Game Event Pokemon)

    I've done something like this in FR/LG before. The difference is that when I did it, I only went with Gift Pokemon or Pokemon that I could buy, so it was more of a no Pokeball run. I think I had a final team of Venusaur/Lapras/Jolteon/Hitmonchan/Kadabra/Aerodactyl or something like that.
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    Name 5 Things You Like About Your Least Favorite Gen

    Gen IV: 1. First gen to implement the physical/special split, which should have been in the games since Gen I. 2. Introduced a lot of new moves so that certain types, notably Bug and Flying, had more offensive presence. 3. Introduced a lot of competitively useful abilities, like Adaptability...
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    Spoilers Character Redesigns: Yay or Nay?

    I'm going to guess that the new Diver class is going to introduce some sort of new battle style similar to Sky Battles. These guys and the Sky Trainers seem pretty similar, since they both specialize in Pokemon battles in environments that Pokemon battles normally aren't held in. Also, new Bug...
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    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    I'm a little disappointed that Mega Glalie isn't Ice/Dark. Dark always felt like Glalie's unofficial second type to me, probably because it learns so many Dark type moves and has sort of an intimidating design. Also, they should have focused on his physical attack and speed more than his special...
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    No new Mega Evolution patch for X or Y players: X and Y won't receive Primal Groudon/

    Re: No new Mega Evolution patch for X or Y players: X and Y won't receive Primal Grou Random theory: this is all a clever plan to get people to buy the 3rd version of Pokemon XY, which will add in all of the new megas from ORAS.
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    Pokemon Eat Each Other

    You know, thinking about it, since Scyther is basically a praying mantis combined with a dinosaur/dragon/something, what would it eat? I'd like to say mostly other Bug Pokemon, since that's what mantids usually eat in real life, but Scyther is a mantid/reptile hybrid the size of a human, and...
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    Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love/at least like

    Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love. For me, I think Exeggutor would fall into this category. I always used to see Exeggutor as a bizarre Gen 1 Pokemon with an odd typing and probably mediocre stats. Recently, however, I decided to use Exeggutor in a Pokemon Yellow playthrough...
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    What do you miss most about the older games?

    Wait, EVs were in Gen 1? In that case, Smogon has some explaining to do...
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    What do you miss most about the older games?

    Honestly the only thing I prefer about Gen 1 and 2 mechanic-wise is the lack of EVs and natures, which I feel weren't overly necessary and probably contributed to many good Pokemon losing relevance (at least competitively) in future generations. Aside from that, I miss the old art style and...
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    Types you always have in your in-game team?

    Water and Flying are almost necessary types for regular playthroughs, although Fighting and Ground are pretty good since they seem to usually get decent coverage against the gyms and E4.
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    Most annoying Pokemon to face when playing the main game (not competitive battling)

    Re: Most annoying Pokemon to face when playing through the games. As odd as this is going to sound, the hardest Pokemon for me to face in-game is Emolga. Even though it has mediocre stats, generic abilities, and an average movepool, it somehow always manages to catch me off guard and KO one of...
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    Games too outdated by now to enjoy

    Although I do find a few things about the older gens annoying, like single use TMs and certain types having poor representation and movepools, I don't find any of them to be too outdated for me to enjoy. The only old gen I legitimately dislike is gen 4, but that's mostly because I dislike how...