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    What if "Human" was in the Pokedex?

    Name:Human Species ID:000 Type:Normal most of the time Height:Varies Weight:Varies Classification:Intelligent Primate Pokemon "This pokemon is an anomaly because most of the species have no way to use their powers like other pokemon and rely on their developed brains to get around in...
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    The "If Pokémon Were Real" Thread

    Ghost types would kill us all
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    Contest Battle of the elemental punches: Thunder punch VS Ice punch VS Fire punch

    Fire Punch it has a chance of burn which can troll physical sweepers and Choice Band users and it covers-Bug,Steel,Ice and Grass
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    What Pokemon have the same height as you?

    Have no idea what pokemon is 6'2
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    Things in pokemon that dont make sense

    Elite four are type specialist.In a competitive view this makes no sense how are they are the top trainers when their teams are full of easily exploitable weaknesses.It also explains how kids become champions in pokemon just doing supereffective spam on the E4. Really the E4 should be the top 4...
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    Speculation:Will Gen 6 have a third game or something different?

    Knowing Nintendo's sadistic joy of tormenting fans by splitting pokemon in two games.I expect X and Y 2 to happen and not Z.
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    Improvements to Pokemon games

    Elite four shouldnt really be typist I mean the top trainers are monotypes says alot about the region doesnt it.They should have balanced teams so they are actually hard to beat and not easy fodder for supereffective spam. I would love it if we had five or six moves.
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    How do you arrange your PC boxes?

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    Should Missingno be an official Pokémon?

    Missingno is the junk data of johto pokemon who got scrape to be in the second generation.Its even an individual pokemon at all.Originally Kanto was suppose to be 191 pokemon including all of Johto.So it would have been one incredible region since it would be been filled alot of pokemon.
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    Things in pokemon that dont make sense

    Discuss some of the logic twisting aspects of our beloved franchise. Trade evolutions are nonsense.What if the trainer never trades then what?
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    Contest Kanto VS Johto VS Hoenn VS Sinnoh VS Unova

    Design:Hoenn,Unova Pokemon:Unova,Hoenn Gyms:Hoenn Battle:Sinnoh because nothing can beat Dialga and Palkia.
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    Who's the hottest villain in Pokemon?

    Shelly and Mars.
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    Pokemon Driving Cars?

    No need since most pokemon can outspeed a race car.
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    What would your first Pokemon be?

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    The "If Pokémon Were Real" Thread

    Alakazam or Metagross would overthrow the human race and leave us in the wild while they take over the planet.I doubt they would enslave us since they dont need any physical labor to build their monuments since Telekinesis is a builder's dream power.Actually I think they would colonize every...
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    Move-of-the-Week Discussion #69: Bubble

    I believe the bubbles in "Bubble" are basically concussive mini air bombs.
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    What will be Clemont's reason for leaving his gym? And who watches it in his absence?

    Re: What will be Clemont's reason for leaving his gym? And who watches it in his abse The robot that zapped Ash is the one most likely in charge of the gym.Perhaps it malfunctioned or developed a superiority complex and deemed Clemont as inferior and not adequate enough to run the gym.
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    Too easy

    Hmm well I guess I wont be using Exp share after I beat Viola tonight.
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    Do you cheat in Pokémon to your game?

    I use a gameshark to get event legendaries but that is all.
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    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    Misty's Starmie keeps oneshotting every pokemon on my team with a single water pulse.Im doing a nuzlocke run so you see I had to start over multiple times.