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  1. Gabo2oo

    Forgotten characters in the Pokémon anime?

    In a nutshell, pretty much everyone. Tracey is the worst case though, because he should be with Oak and we still get a glimpse of Oak here and there. I mean if we can get Matori cameos whenever Giovanni is contacted I don't see why Tracey can't whenever Oak is contacted.
  2. Gabo2oo

    How long in-universe are league battles?

    I'm sure the referees would be able to interfere if the Trainers are stalling though. Like some sports, there may be a time limit that's just not always visible for the audience. I also believe skilled battles on average last around 10 minutes per amount of Pokémon in party.
  3. Gabo2oo

    From an out of universe standpoint, why do you think Ash won the Alola league?

    This is vague but I'm sure I saw a tweet from someone involved in XYZ (not sure if a writer or Rica Matsumoto) saying something like "I wonder why we can't let Satoshi win" after the Kalos League aired. So at the very least the interview with Rica Matsumoto after the Alola League wouldn't be the...
  4. Gabo2oo

    Is it possible that the anime writers dislike Professor Magnolia?

    A bit off-topic but how important is Professor Magnolia to the plot of Sword and Shield compared to previous professors? I honestly see more stuff about Sonia pop up but I haven't played the games.
  5. Gabo2oo

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Ending 1: "Pokémon Shiritori"

    It's kinda funny how the first responses to this thread assumed it would be impossible for TPCI to use it as footage for the dub's ending credits.
  6. Gabo2oo

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Ending 1: "Pokémon Shiritori"

    I just realized Masuda got so prominently credited because half of the ending was indeed composed by him as the Red and Green OST
  7. Gabo2oo

    Preview M23: Koko

    What if it gets delayed to July 2021
  8. Gabo2oo

    S23: Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode Dub Title Thread

    Walk Off the Earth confirmed they'll release a full version of the theme song right off the bat That's pretty nice, I wish the SM intros had gotten this treatment
  9. Gabo2oo

    Preview JN024: Take a Break! Rocket-dan!!

    But he was pretty generous to them during Kalos. They still had high-tech Rocket equipment and the one time they fought over food was only because there wasn't any left, not because they couldn't afford it.
  10. Gabo2oo

    Music pokemon anime olympia bgm

    The aren't any releases of the BGM for the English dub
  11. Gabo2oo

    Review S23 EP01: Enter Pikachu!

    The intro sounds good, the style kinda sounds like the songs they make for commercials, but I'm glad it's not too similar to any other intros. Keeping not just the ending footage but also the eyecatch segment means the visual presentation overall is the same as the Japanese series. Also they...
  12. Gabo2oo

    Obscure Pokémon anime trivia

    The singer for the Pokémon theme was Óscar Roa. I think Franco does anime covers and whatnot, but his only "official" voice work on TV have been the Digimon theme songs.
  13. Gabo2oo

    Favorite Pokeball Throw Phrase

    I honestly love how "kimi ni kimeta" rolls off the tongue, but battle standby is battle standby
  14. Gabo2oo

    Preview Upcoming Episodes Preview

    Oh I just hope Team Rocket are blatantly following Ash like usual. I know it's repetitive but from a writing standpoint it's far more believable than using the "coincidence" excuse more than once.
  15. Gabo2oo

    Will Koharu be a coordinator?

    Did I read "they should bring back the concept of Pokemon Watchers that they decided to drop with Tracey" somewhere in here? Because they should Did you know that for every Pallet Town episode where Tracey Sketchit does not appear a Gabo2oo loses one year of its lifetime?
  16. Gabo2oo

    Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    This is very minor and trivial, but I was reading the Passimian review and Dogasu mentioned the most complex edit TPCI has done was probably translating a signpost in the first DP episode. It got me thinking, and I believe the most complex one was replacing the background with the Best Wishes...
  17. Gabo2oo

    Obscure Pokémon anime trivia

    I had read that was the reason. Surely it means TPC wouldn't actually have free access to the 4Kids music if it weren't for the studio. But I wonder if they still owned stuff like the 4Kids intros, or they had to get the rights to remix them in recent years and whatnot. I for one I'm glad for...
  18. Gabo2oo

    Obscure Pokémon anime trivia

    Speaking of weird promo material, Cartoon Network used to have these "Behind the Music" parody segments where they explained the "origin" of their characters before starring in their shows. I don't know if they were exclusive to Latin America but I can't find them in any other languages. They...
  19. Gabo2oo

    Pokefan info concerning a few future episodes has been translated

    How is this a leak? It's an officially published magazine as far as I'm concerned
  20. Gabo2oo

    Your favorite anime battle

    I'm not sure if it applies to the entire Ash vs. Sawyer fight, but I still believe Greninja vs. Mega Sceptile was the peak of battle choreography in this anime.