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  1. Sir Turtlelot

    DISCUSSION: Collecting Fics and the Storage System?

    Hi there! I've been lurking around the fan-fiction section for awhile now, and I was wondering about the collection aspect of Pokemon fanfics and how they are typically handled. I've been on a fairly long hiatus from writing, and am looking at trying to get back into the hobby, so I figured I...
  2. Sir Turtlelot

    Pokemon Yellow Official Art

    Hi there, long time no see! I was browsing around Bulbapedia the other night, and I found myself browsing around the Kanto Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members when I came to a realization. Lorelei, Bruno, and Agatha do not have an official art piece from Pokemon Yellow. My first thought was that...
  3. Sir Turtlelot

    Construct Your Dream League (Read First Post)

    I'm pretty sure this game hasn't been done before, so let's get started. The object of the game, as the name states, is to create your own Pokemon League. You must pick 8 gym leaders, 4 E4 members, and 2 champions [one league champion and one secret champion, such as Red (GSC) or Steven (E)]...
  4. Sir Turtlelot

    Regional Counterparts

    So out of both curiosity and as a means of brainstorming for a upcoming project I plan on doing, I want to know what pokemon do you guys consider to be regional counterparts. It could be as obvious as the different early birds/rodents, to the slightly less obvious Machop-Timburr connection, or...
  5. Sir Turtlelot

    Starters of choice (Please read first post)

    Not sure if this has already been done, since I didn't see it in the first few pages here and Video Games. Okay, it goes like this. You get one starter of each type, BUT the starters cannot be from the same generation. Fire: Charizard Water: Feraligator Grass: Torterra
  6. Sir Turtlelot

    Warning: New Person Approaching

    Hello there, I am Sir Turtlelot of the Legends Alliance. I've been using Bulbapedia for years now, and I decided to finally stop being lazy and actually join your forums. Like most, if not all of you, I'm a huge fan of pokemon, and I've been playing since I got my first copy of Red, many years...