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    Wider Trainer card

    I've never liked the trainer cards that you find everywhere, I think they are to box-ish and should be wider :D looking for Comments and criticism... so let me know what you think Oh, and i left room under the pkmn sprites for things like wifi battle records and anything you would like...
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    Hello, My name is HeadHonchkrow. I'm pretty new here but some people already know me a little bit. I just got my diamond this summer so i'm pretty new to this gen. Anyways, I'm glad to be here and cant wait to start to become part of the community. see you on the forums, ~HH
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    Im sure the feebas question gets asked a lot, but i just can't seem to find what im looking for. I know most of the information about evolving it. i know what natures are the best and i know what berries to use but more specific info is what i'm looking for. I want to know the best way to...