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  1. Mite75

    Shiny Eevee or Ralts

    I would really like a shiny Eevee or Ralts at level 20 or lower I don't care if they are hacked as long as they wont screw up my game. in return I have: Aggron lv. 56 nature: Impish, quick tempered Attack: 145 Defense:233 Sp. Atk: 71 Sp. Def 88 Speed:68 Ability: Rock Head (Most likely...
  2. Mite75

    Wanted: Shiny Eevee or shiny Ralts

    i would like it at level 1 but if not that's fine. i don't care if it's hacked or anything. i dont have alot to offer though.... i have: Lv. 52 musharna (nana) nature: brave ability:forewarn moves: synchronoise spybeam zen headbutt hypnosis attack:99 defense:94 sp. atk:135 sp. def:118...