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    Im Back

    Hello Guys, Been Like a Year Im Finaly Back
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    My pkmn fusion (Plz do not laught... LOL)

    hi im goin to show you some of my pkmn fusion sepranitar skylefeon tylaligar umbreon with charmaleon tail i edited alot of times
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    some une could make me a sig or a banner?

    Hi im just asking if some une could make me a sig or a banner
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    HI am back

    Hi guys im back and with the arceus and the pichu event (arceus event was the first day same the pichu). Am sorry if i do not respond some to some of my friends. I was doing alot of stuff and whene i was goin to login i forgot my pasword until now:ksmile: and im so happy so that all i want to...
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    ho likes bakugan

    hi evrybody im trying to find pepole ho like bakugan
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    if i want to change my user name ho i have to tell i will change my user name ps if this thread is a spam plz deleted
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    hello everybody i have a mew named #1 lv 100 i ev train this pkmn well my cousin do it hp 404 def 299 sp attack 328 sp defense 299 speed 299