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  1. Silverwynde

    25 Jan 2017: 12 Volcanion left, repeat customers now being served! Silverwynde's Free Codes Thread

    GameStop Volcanion free-for-all frenzy! Repeat customers now being served! GameStop's been giving out code cards, and you know what that means! :D Just as the title says--my hubby & I picked up quite a few extra to help out anyone who might not have GameStops near enough to visit. Not asking...
  2. Silverwynde

    3 US Shiny Gengar codes for the asking

    Just as the title says--my hubby & I picked up a few extra to help out anyone who might not have four or five GameStops in their immediate area like we do it's kind of ridiculous, really. Not asking for a trade--drop a post in here and a winner is you. I'll PM one to the first three requesters...
  3. Silverwynde

    Transformers 3 Confirmed

    According to Michael Bay's Shoot For The Edit forums Transformers 3 will be released on July 1, 2011. Today is Day One of preproduction. I'm a little surprised. I honestly thought he was going to take a year off. Looks like I was wrong on that count.
  4. Silverwynde

    Transformers Season 3 Discussion Thread

    Since I didn't see one posted, I just had to start one. So here goes: Holy. Slag. There was a lot of awesome in this and I literally don't know where to begin. Blackout was insanely huge, Spittor was a menace and Cyclonus! I can't believe it; Cyclonus! Too bad about Red Alert; I guess being...
  5. Silverwynde

    Transformers Animated Season 3 Confirmed; Will Begin Airing in Spring 2009

    From TFW 2005: Looks like it's official now.
  6. Silverwynde

    *Waves Hello*

    Hi, I'm Silverwynde (Silvy for short) and I joined the Garden not too long ago. I'm a Pokefanatic who loves Palkia (even though I haven't caught it yet) and a Transformers fan. I'm here to have fun and nerd it up a notch, so to speak. Now back to your regularly scheduled forum. :)