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  1. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Kill The Thread!

    e is best letter!
  2. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Kill The Thread!

    I stand corrected. Edit: I can still read backwards. ^^
  3. Epic-Ash-Fan

    A Pokemon Starting with V.2

  4. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    *Family Feud/Fortunes wrong answer buzzer plays.* I use Velcro. Next Poster likes the colour pink.
  5. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Make Assumptions About the Person BELOW you

    I like anime okay but I'm really picky about it ^^; Next person likes cheese.
  6. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Guess the next poster's favourite Pokemon

    I do like rotom yes but not an all out favourite. Mew?
  7. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Kill The Thread!

    Well it's as backwards as it can be given our resources.
  8. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Kill The Thread!

    I can now read backwards. Thanks, thread.
  9. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Kill The Thread!

    I have several questions. (Probably best not to ask them though.)
  10. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Kill The Thread!

    I sneezed.
  11. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    Seto Kaiba
  12. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Kill The Thread!

    ^ I have no idea what that means.
  13. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Kill The Thread!

    *Peeks out from under the table.*
  14. Epic-Ash-Fan

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    Haven't written anything yet today as I just woke up lol. Gonna try and get chapter 2 of Fallen edited soon though.
  15. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Notice Writers' Workshop Directory

    Author name: Epic-Ash-Fan Story name: Fallen MATURE: - Fallen (Diodeshipping) (sorry don't know how to turn text into a link :( ) Quick summary: When Ash showed up in Lumiose City after being missing for two years Clemont was overjoyed. However, things would not be the same. Clemont was...
  16. Epic-Ash-Fan

    MATURE: Fallen (Diodeshipping)

    Rated for: Violence, Torture, Referenced suicide attempt, Some language but nothing too heavy. No sexual scenes. They'll be (eventual) kissing and the occasional cuddle but that's about as far as it gets. The M rating is mainly for said violence, torture and stuff. This is a Diodeshipping...
  17. Epic-Ash-Fan

    TEEN: PMD: Because of You

    *slowly walks in* errr... hi, remember me? Yeah sorry, I've been stuck on this fanfic for years! I feel like having another crack at it though, but I'm gonna delete and rewrite chapter 4, because it kinda backed me into a corner I think. That's what I do when Writer's Block gets this bad. I...
  18. Epic-Ash-Fan

    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    Glad to see I'm not the only 30 year old here. I was born in 1985. Discovered the pokemon anime at around 12. It was awesome then and it's awesome now!
  19. Epic-Ash-Fan

    Eat or Spit

    bleugh! spit! Brussel sprouts?
  20. Epic-Ash-Fan

    The Avatar above gets turned into a Pokémon