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    HG/SS Ditto Glitch to limitless movepools!

    http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=960099&topic=54152536 Something I felt had to be shared about a glitch that could change pokemon as we know it. Basicaly, If ditto transforms into a pokemon with Rage, uses Rage, then catches or KO the wild pokemion, Ditto keeps he copied...
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    Does anyone do this, or any other form of dressing up as a characters? (such as fursuits) Just a question, becuase I'm a curious person. :P
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    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    Just answer what you want to be/are already. As for me, I don't know. I plan on being a pirate, knight, or a pharmasist.
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    Different starters

    A thread to post what you are using if your not going to use your starter, since you can trade eggs to other games and the baby will obey you.. I'm either using a trapinch, cranidos or lickitung, if I decide not to use my starter.
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    Is Rampardos too strong for NU?

    I've recently using pokemon I like, but didn't use before (venamoth, Ludicolo, ect.), And I've been stuck on Rampardos. I know what sets to use, how to use it, and what to beware. However, after checking Smogon, many of Rampardos's counters are OU (with the except of the UU Donphan). Does this...
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    Cleaning a DS AR

    anyone know how to clean a DS action replay? I recently got lint into mine, and I can't get it out without ripping my AR apart. I tried using a q-tip, the the lint is too big. Help?
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    Wifi problem

    I'm having Wifi problems when trying to trade. I can trade on GTS and get wondercards fine, and even trade with some users. But when I try to trade with other users, we keep disconnecting with the 86420 error code. Any help?
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    Today's Achievements

    Simple place to post what you accomplished today. Post in this format: Today, on *date, in month/day/year*, I did the following: *Achievements here* As for today: Today, on 12/26/09, I did the following: Made a new signature RNG'd my first shiny watched Jonny Bravo Christmas again
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    Super Smash Bros Discussion Thread

    Anything about Brawl can be discussed here. I'll start it with a question: Does Dedede have a Meteor Smash?
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    If pokemon had jobs, which pokemon would have what jobs/hobbys? Just a werid thread to think about. My ideas are Lickilicky = President (for my love of lickilicky :P) Jumpluff and Ludicolo = cheerleader/dancer Tropius = fruit market seller and that's all i got
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    Which Eevee?

    Which eevee evolution is recommened for a Adament Wish eevee? I was think of either vaporeon or flareon, but which is best?
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    Great battles

    post your side of a great wifi (or in game) battle you had. I'll start: Rules: level 50 all, 4 on 4 doubles My pokemon: Lickilicky, Magmortar, Blissey, Altaria Opponent: Weavle, Glaceon, Breloom, Ambipom Opponent send out Weavle and Ambipom. I send out Altaria and Lickilicky. Ambipom...