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    GEN VI: LF: Heavy Ball Pidgey

    Hi, I'm looking for a female Pidgey (Pidgeotto, or Pidgeot) that was captured in a Heavy Ball to breed my own! I have Soul Silver and can catch one there, but I don't currently have any way to trade her up. I know capturing and transferring is tedious, so I'll trade shinies or legendaries for...
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    MA's Drawing Shop

    Trying this again, for science! Hey I wanna draw for you! Since this is a Pokemon thread, you should probably make a Pokemon-based request though, like your trainer, your team, your favorite Pokemon, Fakemon, a battle, etc. Not that I'd mind if you had something else you wanted me to draw! Try...
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    The Unown Art Shop

    Anywho, I'm new. I wanted to draw. So I thought I'd set up a shop here. Sound good? So I'll draw trainers, Pokemon, trainers and Pokemon, Pokemon and Pokemon, this is starting to sound a little weird, people who aren't trainers but still have things to do with Pokemon, people who aren't...