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    What do you call the currency?

    I call them PokéDollars because the Pokémon Monopoly game I had called them that. Cause Monopoly is always canon when it comes to money. Sadly my set got left out in the rain one day. Apparently Rain Dance is super effective against paper-types. :[
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    On the Origin of Species: Lileep and Cradily: Investigating the inspirations behind P

    Re: On the Origin of Species: Lileep and Cradily: Investigating the inspirations behi Well, now, this one is pretty interesting. About six years back, I was living in Kentucky and we were spending the day at a river. My uncle comes up to me and hands me a weird little chunk of rock and told...
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    Pokémon Creepypasta

    Re: Pokemon Creepypasta You know, when a Hypno eats your dreams, something's gotta fill the void, right? I'd be willing to bet that Hypno puts himself into your head so you'll be more used to his presence... next time. :3 Anyway, I'll admit that this thread has cause me to lose a lot of...
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    The (Un)official Nickname My Pokémon Thread

    Re: Do you nickname your pokemon? I always nickname my pokémon. No exceptions. It might take me a moment to think of one, but it's worth it in the end. :3
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    Scariest video game boss

    It can't be said enough: Giygas. Just... Giygas. ._. I'll never touch Earthbound again, I think.
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    The Top 10 Reasons Why Lance is an Awful Person

    I don't mind the lawful part of them at all. It's just the fact that they tend to gravitate to Lawful Evil rather than Lawful Neutral or Good. Last I checked, it could also constitute as attempted murder, or at least assault. I don't know what makes you think Gym Leaders a 'miserable...
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    The Top 10 Reasons Why Lance is an Awful Person

    Because lawyers are such nice people to be associating with. Your justification for the in-game instance was that the Team Rocket member was evil and deserved it. Keegman, however is a pretty cool guy, what with his sense of humor and all. Are those standards similar to Pedobear's? Last...
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    0_o What was that?

    Yep, Lyra and her Marril kicked his family out of their GSC home, so now they live above the lab.
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    White/Black = Terrible Names?

    Actually I think it will remain six since there are six types of chess pieces - pawn, rook, knight, bishop, king, queen. Unless you really want eight Bidoof early route rodents. Perhaps we could change our terminology to HM Pawns?
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    Game Titles Officially Announced: Pokemon Black And White Versions!

    It depends on whether you're talking about additive or subtractive color theory. You're talking about subtractive. You see, yellow paint, for example, actually absorbs (subtracts) every color of light except yellow, which is reflected back and our eye picks it up. If you have all the colors...
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    Weekly Bug-Catching Contest Report

    I placed 1st today with a L: 14 Scyther. Paralyzed, full HP (47), 356 points. I got a Sun Stone. Bug Catcher Don asked me, "You won? The winner is you!?" Yes Don. A Winrar Is Me.
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    That Idiot Joey

    I actually posted Liz's call in another thread exactly as it's written in HG/SS.
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    0_o What was that?

    So, I was just calling through everyone on my list, just to see what I'd get now. Youngster Ian: "..... ..... Hello. This is Ian... Good evening, Blodsho! Hey, you know why I'm always in shorts? It's because they're really cool! You know how, if you scuff your knees and...
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    0_o What was that?

    I just got a call from Irwin.... ._. (Says a lot right there, doesn't it?) Anyway, I cured Amphy not too long ago and was training for Chuck's Gym. He calls me and here's what he says: "Hey Blodsho! I just heard about you! You helped the pokemon in the Lighthouse. I wish you'd stand by...
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    HGSS innuendos

    The GTS is for por- *shot* Anyway, there's a gentleman in Olivine Lighthouse that asks for your number, after you give him your number, he says something to the effect of, "Great! Now I can call you anytime!" An old unassuming man in a lighthouse is excited to have a ten-year-old boy's...
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    0_o What was that?

    Love Balls are funnier. Imagine Barry White saying, "You got the Love Balls." Lolwut?
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    It's a Snap!

    The way to go would probably be saving it to an sd card/Wii's system memory and then doing whatever from there. There will probably also be something where you can share photos over the interwebz. Even if they don't save them as .jpgs and instead save them in a Wii-specific image format (like...
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    It's a Snap!

    That was the best part! :D Until you got Pester Balls, that is. I'd actually like to see a new Snap in any form. It was the first 64 game I played (rental when I got my 64 for Christmas), and then the first one I owned. :3 If it had all of the pokemon though, that would be epic. :D
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    HGSS innuendos

    So I'm surfing to Cianwood, right? I come across a swimmer who says "The water's warm here. I'm loose and limber..." and a third part that I both forget and deem unimportant. Wonder why the water's warm... at night as it was? O_o Also: Pics or it didn't happen.
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    0_o What was that?

    "Wii is huge in Johto too!" Also, this: I'm totally going for Mewtwo now.