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    Pokemorph 2: Threats Last Stand(Me, Elphaba and Calvin127)

    This is the sequel to Pokemorph High, a private RPG between Me, Eplhaba, and Calvin127. Setting: 4 Years after Graduation from highschool, the newly married couple, nathan and lessie and their kid Thalia have gone another restless life, fighting the Threats yet again. The Morph's will meet new...
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    Something is Wrong with my IRC Chat...

    Everytime I click on the join IRC bulbagarden chat button, it goes to the chat screen but says this [18:14] Connecting... [18:14] Not on a channel [18:14] Unable to connect : java.net.ConnectException : Connection refused: connect It hasnt done this to me before....
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    Nintendo Charging for WiFi March, Next Year?

    Today, I had heard a rumor of something saying Playstation was going to make people pay for PSN...THEN I heard someone else say Nintendo was going to start charging for WiFi usage on there games as well. True or Not? What are youre thoughts?
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    Sonic The Hedgehod: Endless Winter(Private Continuation)

    Dr. Eggman has discovered a legend to the far north, in the snowy wilderness. The legend of a ancient creature capable of altering the Earth's climate, plunging the world into an ice age at will until it was sealed away in ages past, the keys to its tomb scattered across the area, each guarded...
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    Looking for some People to Private RP with...

    Looking for someone to Private RP With! Me and Godzilla wolf are looking for a person or two to do a Private RP with called Sonic The Hedgehog: Endless WInter. We had done this before, but the people in the RP wasnt dedicated to it, not posting atleast once a day or more. We need two people...
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    Lets Give this a try...Star Wars: New Beggining OCC Thread

    This is for OOC p[osts for my RPG thats going along very well. Anyways, if you have any ideas, questions, or anything in general to ask, please do it here.
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    Lets Give this a try...Star Wars: New Beginning(START UP!!)

    What if? What if Anakin didnt betray Mace and unveiled the Chancellor as Darth Sidous, forcing him out of coruscant. What if Order 66 didnt happen, but rouge clones name Stormtroopers were created to help the droids in attacking the clones. What if the clones were still around. Well, now they...
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    Lets give this a try... Star Wars: New Beginning

    Since Serebii didnt 'accept' this RPG because of there stupid requirements....im going to put it here instead. Plot: What if? What if Anakin didnt betray Mace and unveiled the Chancellor as Darth Sidous, forcing him out of coruscant. What if Order 66 didnt happen, but rouge clones name...
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    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

    I am sooo ready for this game! Since it was revealed at E3, i have been soo psyched! It sticks to the format of NFS:HP2 that was created around 2002-2003. But this time, it has a Cop Campaign, istead of you just being the cop for a race. Heres a picture of the start menu. ((Sorry, but the...
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    Well, I made this thread to ask the players with Early Opening Stores for Mario Galaxy...and the ones who got it, to see what there impression of the game is so far. Its like, a survey so to speak...but anyone can put there review, or ask questions for the game. And as a random word, Ill be...
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    So...who's going to the Pokemon VG Championships?

    I hope there isnt another topic about this. Anyways, who is going this year? http://www.pokemonvgc.com/en/events/dallas.php May 29th. I wish I could go, but I can't...unfortunaley. Anyways, I want to know...who Is atualy going, or thinking about going?
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    PCP Mystery Gift

    The Pikachu-Colored Pichu is now Available over Mystery Gift on Nintendo wifi untill March 25th! It can be downloaded to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. So if you missed Gamestop, nows your chance!
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    Pokemon Ranger: Rivalries of Hoenn (START UP!)

    Story- Pokemon Rangers have been around Hoenn for a long time. After the Kyogre/Groudon event happened, they have had a break. But little do they know, the battle is far from over. The Two Ledgendary pokemon are asleep, but they are planning there next attack against each other. The signs start...
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    Trainers Quest-Adventures in Hoenn

    This is a quest of a Trainer in Hoenn. His name, Nathan. His family re-located to Hoenn, and Nathan is finally old enough to be a Trainer. He moved to Litleroot, which is close to a Pokemon Lab. The following is his quest through out Hoenn, his quest to be a Champion. ~Prolouge~ Its a...
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    Heroes Vs. Villains-The First Encounter (START UP!)

    Okay, The Sign Ups will still be open. Also, the GM's are my and Superx, so contact either of us if you have any questions. now, here is the line up! Heroes: (Subject to Change) Iron Man-Shayminfan101 (Leader) Sorona-Superx (2nd in Command) Deadpool-Superx Master Chief-Sierra 117 Mace...
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    Heroes Vs. Villains-The First Encounter (SIGN UP!)

    Story- The worlds greatest Villains and Evilest Villains are gathering up for the biggest battle yet! But this time, Heroes and Villains new and old are being called from their deminsions to protect Earth and its Galaxy. Will he Heroes come out on top, or will the villains be victorious? You...
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    The Cybertron Wars (PG-13)

    I know most people put long posts an thier Fanfic...but I keep mine short. I will put some long ones...but very rarley. Anyways, heres the first part of the story... ~Prolouge~ The setting was Cybertron, during the Great War. There was just a normal Autobot, and his name was Thunderwave...
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    Fanfic section of Bulbagarden

    Quick question...does it apply only for Pokemon fanfics, or can it be something else, like transformers?
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    [If you have it] Whats Your SSBB Wi-Fi code?

    SSBB is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And for the people who put theres up tonight..i can battle you guys tonight mine is 2579-0788-1026
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    Pokemon-Team Galactic's Return *Start Up!*

    And now for what we all have been waiting for.... Ever since Team Galatic entered Sinnoh, they have always been a Nusiance. After Cyrus was left in the Distortion World, Charon has taken place. Now, they are up to there old tricks, but this time...they are after a Different Pokemon. The One...