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    Contest Battle of Kanto Fire Types

    Not including Moltres since it's legendary... Anyway, there were very little fire types back in the day, same with ice really. So I thought this would be an interesting poll. So, we have the classic Charmander family who at final stage of evolution turn dual typed, the powerful Growlithe...
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    Because the other thread vanished.

    I think only people fans of the Clock Tower and Megaman series will get this... Don't fuck with Bobby dude, he isn't like Jemima and Ralph who would just clown around. :V Warning: Huge! Some random KND dump of the obscure/unintroduced villains... Mainly an anthro PONY Nogoodnik and...
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    Favorite Fairy Pokemon

    As in from the egg–group... Excluding Ditto, Manaphy, and Phione. xD Mine are Jigglypuff, Snubbull, and Snorunt. Who I refuse to evolve at all cause they were too cute. :U Others coming close probably Raichu, Pachirisu, and Marill/Azumarill.
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    Non–Pokemon Related Fail

    Something I did for my friend's 250th deviantation... It was two days away when I finished it, so I sorta rushed... BEWARE MY AWFUL YUKKURI AND... Everything else. I think Mado and Ness came out the worst for me. Though I did like my Shitai, Uboa, Arle, and Schezo... Er, his head at least. :V...
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    So uh... Is it bad that I mainly stumbled upon this site from looking at way too many creepypastas?(My friend recommended them, mainly the Diglett one) Yeah, I've been playing Pokemon along with Zelda and Mario since I was tiny. Though I love other games such as Puyo/Madou Monogatari...