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  1. K

    Pokemon DP Manga

    I recently came across this manga, and I was wondering if someone could give me a heads-up of what it's all about? Is it a volume of the CoroCoro comic? That's what it looks like to me :/
  2. K

    Missing a page from the Ranger manga; help?

    Awhile ago, someone sent me a zip of the Pokemon Ranger manga with this note: However, in what was labeled chapter 2, one "page" (they're more like strips) seems to have gotten messed up. It's the one between these two: http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/7978/094jm.jpg...
  3. K


    As someone is here is bound to care, I thought I'd let people know that PocketNews has returned with a new name/look, but the same system lies behind it. Check out PokePress.
  4. K

    Ready Go!

    ....I think this is the right forum? So I want to sub Ready Go! (the 5th opening) And I'd rather not use the stuff on AnimeLyrics if possible ^^; So, I'd like to request the following: The opening type screen 風を感じて大地と 呼吸あわせ Jumpした 瞬間 胸に 響いた声 "キミなら大丈夫!" 振り向けば みんなが 笑っている...
  5. K

    Pokemon invades Digimon :(

    So yeah, we're totally looking at screenshots for the Digimon Savers episode. And we get this. http://www.withthewill.net/ep1/063.jpg WHAT IS SQUIRTLE DOING IN A DIGIMON EPISODE? :complain: :complain:
  6. K

    Elixant got two new servers. o.O

    Just thought I'd post this, as a majority of us use Elixant. o.O They finally got more servers! "Logic" and "Acuity" They've had Concept, Insight, Vision, Perception... lol. They have a thing for sight, eh? =P
  7. K

    You know what bugs me?

    So I go to a site. And you know what the top news item is? That. Isn't that completely absurd? Why do webmasters allow that crap? Please explain.
  8. K

    You can all stop bugging me now ^^

    You've all been bugging me to update JKN... I DID! :D http://www.jkaizer.net Thoughts on the new color scheme?
  9. K

    Article Bot

    If you haven't noticed, Arcy has installed an article bot. It browses RSS feeds and keeps track of the current news on various sites. Judging from the current posts, it tracks PocketNews and Bulbanews. ^^ Where the article is from is linked in the post, and a note is left in the thread...
  10. K

    Looking for a layout designer

    Copied from my post at PocketNews: We're currently looking for a new layout designer. We're interested in the idea of moving to version 4, but we lack design skills on this side ^^;; If you're interested, please feel free to reply to this post or e-mail me: jkaizer @ gmail . com
  11. K

    PocketDex [BIG WIP]

    http://www.pocket-news.net/dex.php?id=001/main Looking for input on the format, and if there is anything I missed that should be there :)
  12. K

    News vs... Other forums

    So I thought about posting a thread about AG149's title in the News forum. However, it's already been posted here. I'm just wondering what belongs in the News forums, and what should be going in the other forums.
  13. K

    -Tropical Storm- Rita

    Yeah, it's finally been downgraded to a Tropical Storm. But if you're in the area that it's supposed to hit, still be ready for plenty of rain~
  14. K

    The Pokémon Webmaster

    Seeing what saul posted in a thread at PB, I got to thinking. There are a lot of Pokemon sites out there, and franky, most of them suck. :p So I had an idea. Why don't we - the good webmasters - team up and make a resource site for beginning webmasters? We can combine our large tutorial...
  15. K


    They're pretty popular elsewhere, and are a fork of the fandom, so why not add a Sprite forum? I've had experience with 'em before, so I'd be willing to watch over it~ Unless of course, this falls under Multimedia...
  16. K

    A fully documented "Include Directory" script

    I needed this snippet, so I went digging at PC for it. I found Frosty's code and hacked it up and made it a bit more... useful. :) Then I was bored and decided to document it to a sickening level. What's the use? If you have like dex.php and want to have ?id=001 but don't want the entire...
  17. K

    International PocketNews

  18. K

    English Seasons

    When I was checking out BulbaNews, I came across the "This Week" section and I saw that the episode numbering was following the Japanese set. That isn't too hard to figure out with PA and PAC, as PA is AG1-40 and PAC is 41 until current, so they are easy enough to figure out. However, PAB...
  19. K

    CuteNews: PAID?

    The most recent version of CuteNews expects you to PAY to get rid of an ugly "Powered by CuteNews" type thing >O How horrible. I just downloaded a copy of the old version. No way do I want to have to use the new version. X.x
  20. K

    New Pokemon?

    It's from the latest CoroCoro scan. It doesn't look too much like any of the current Pokemon... it almost looks like a blend of Rucario and Deoxys to me. Deoxys' body shape, and Rucario's colors. My friend seems to think it's 2 different ones... so yeah. Discuss?