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    Funny Pokémon Goodies

    Re: Lulzy Pokécomics! N’s eHarmony Video Bio : HALOLZ and some Team Fortress 2 humor WHO SENDS POKEMON TO FIGHT ME?! : HALOLZ TEAM FORRETRESS 2 : HALOLZ
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    Funny Pokémon Goodies

    Re: Lulzy Pokécomics! Diglett Comics http://www.mgcomics.com/DAP/Diglett20.PNG http://www.mgcomics.com/DAP/Diglett11.PNG http://www.mgcomics.com/DAP/Oddish21.PNG
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    Funny Pokémon Goodies

    Re: Lulzy Pokécomics! I found this one in that Black and White discussion thread
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    Funny Pokémon Goodies

    Re: Lulzy Pokécomics! ^ Thanks :-), it makes more sense now
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    Funny Pokémon Goodies

    Re: Lulzy Pokécomics! What is that thing that's right across from the ditto? Is it supposed to be a Maractus?
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    What order do you do the Elite 4 in pokémon B/W?

    The first time I did the E4 was: Psychic, Fighting, Ghost, Dark. But now I just do it randomly.
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    Why do you cheat?

    To get event Pokemon and stuff because I don't have wifi :-(
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    Surprisingly, Disappointingly Easy Battles

    The Elite 4. Honestly I thought they would have been a lot harder to beat, but they weren't much of a challenge.
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    Your Name Pokemon...

    11 x 8 = 88 which is... Grimer. :sweat: Team builder= Espeon
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    How Do You Organize Your PC Boxes?

    I usually divide the boxes by type. Box 1 is my 'input' box where I put my HM slaves and main team members and Unowns get their own box.
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    Ever had your name as a NPC or a trainer(not yourself)?

    Yes, a skier with a Marill and a Clefairy on route 217 has the same name as me (minus an 'e').
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    Your Final Team

    Serperior Leipard Golurk Elygen Electross Haxous
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    The Official BGMf Claim-a-Move Thread!

    thegrapefairie - Water Pulse - Feb. 16,2011
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    The Official "Claim a Pokémon Area" Thread

    Dragon's Den - thegrapefairie- Feb. 16, 2011
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    TEEN: Cherish the Moments

    Re: Cherish the Moments [PG-13] This story's getting better and better, I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up TPJ! :-)
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    Messing with Names

    In the mystery dungeon games, I would name the unowns after a letter, so I would get things like " 'I' was sent back", " 'U' picked up the oran berry" etc.
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    Favorite Pokémon of each type.

    Normal- Porygon Water- Totodile Fire- CHarmander Grass- Treecko Psychic- Mewtwo Fighting- Hitmonlee Dark- Darkrai Bug- Nincada Dragon- Dratini Ground- Trapinch Rock- Larvitar Steel- Aron Flying- Staraptor Poison- Seviper Ghost- Drifloon Electric- Raikou Ice- Snorunt
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    Which starter Pokémon would you choose from each region?

    Kanto- Charmander Johto- Totodile :crush: Hoenn- Treecko Sinnoh- I don't really have a favorite Unova- Snivy
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    Reason behind your username

    Re: The etymology of your username. The name "Grape Fairie" is from a Homestar Runner cartoon/episode (I forget which one) and since I'm a fan of that site, it fit.
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    How much do you swear?

    I never say any of the more serious swears but I'll say stuff like frick if I'm mad or frustrated at something.