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  1. K

    Events in the Remakes

    Mew Event? Forgive me if someone already posted this thread, but I missed the Mew event in Emerald, and I don't see why Ruby and Sapphire can't have all of the legendaries except Latios, Latias, Kyogre & Groudon all together. Because some people back then probably didn't have access to the...
  2. K

    New Eeveelutions?

    I don't know about you guys, but I feel like they should have made a Dragon Eevee. In almost every generation, they have made two Eeveelutions for each one. So why's this one stuck with just Sylveon? I love Sylveon, but I feel like they should have added one more secret Eeveelution we don't...
  3. K

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Re: What song is stuck in your head right now? I've been listening to Deadmau5 and Lady Gaga, and "I'd do Anything" by Simple Plan. Also Creature Feature. Nothing beats Creature Feature!
  4. K

    Worst thing you ever ate?

    Bleu cheese. I just...don't like it. Nuff said.
  5. K

    Which Do You Like Better: Fruits Or Vegetables?

    Fruits are good, I do enjoy them, but to help lose weight, I'd prefer veggies. I add some ranch and cheese in my salad if I try to lose weight and then jump on the trampoline after sometimes XD
  6. K

    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    Just recently, I hatched a shiny Zorua and a shiny Eevee, both at March. They took at least two months, but while I was doing a Wifi battle, it said I hatched 250 eggs or somewhere around there, which was a really fast hunt! I also took breaks from time to time, so it made the hunt less boring...
  7. K

    Awkward X and Y moments

    Getting a Flabebe through the Wonder Trade with the nickname, "Tooth Fairy".
  8. K

    What time did you go to bed last night and wake up this morning?

    Probably around 1-2 AM-ish, and woke up at 10:40-ish originally, but I stayed in bed until 12:00 PM...lol.
  9. K

    Have you ever quit Pokemon?

    Actually, yes. When Black and White came out, the Pokemon in that game (in my opinion) went downhill, and the games were repetitive and boring, with no new features, just the same battle styles, but...when X and Y came out, I actually got interested again! There were many new features, the...
  10. K

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    How can you tell if a Pokemon has perfect IVs? I don't believe my Pokemon's IVs are too good anyway, but I'm gonna try to evolve it. But how exactly can you tell if the IVs are good or not? I am not a picky shiny IV trader, but I kind of want this one Pokemon to be kind of...well...
  11. K

    GEN VI: Shiny Eevee (offers below)

    For Pokemon X. Wanted: -Shiny Eevee, KALOS BORN, under level 30, female (I would like an Espeon shiny or Glaceon) Offers: -Shiny Dragonite, non-Kalos-born (I got it from a trade) -Meloetta (event) I guess...Clones are fine, but I would prefer non-clones. I'm not sure if it's even a scam...
  12. K

    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    We have the same dreams! I've been hunting for quite a long time in the Safari Zone for a shiny Eevee. I was lucky enough to find someone with an Eevee in theirs with the help of this website.
  13. K

    Offering Japanese Ditto

    I'll offer this little guy for trade if anyone would like a Japanese Ditto for you breeders out there. I already have one, so I don't need an extra one. I'll accept just about anything, really. This is a 'free' sort of trade.
  14. K

    Friend Safari help

    Hummm, I'll try to do that. Thanks!
  15. K

    Friend Safari help

    I have no idea if there's a Friend Safari section from where I've searched, so I'm posting it here. If you want to move the thread, feel free. I'm looking for anyone who has a friend safari that has a Normal Type, with an Eevee in it. If anyone is willing to add me for a Friend...
  16. K

    GEN VI: I'll breed just about anything for a shiny Eevee. (read first! POKEMON X!)

    Well...if you're not going to use the Shiny Eevee at all and if it just sits there, then I'll accept it. But I won't if you still want it o: I appreciate the offer though. I'm trying to get all shiny Eevees, so xD but if you don't wanna trade it, I completely understand. So why exactly is...
  17. K

    GEN VI: I'll breed just about anything for a shiny Eevee. (read first! POKEMON X!)

    if you're looking for perfect IVs, please explain it simply for me. I do not care for IVs, and haven't really paid any attention to them until now. I will breed just about anything for you until I get that perfect pokemon and take my time with it. All you have to do is explain what you...
  18. K

    GEN VI: Looking to get an IV-bred Calm Togepi and Quiet Honedge!

    Explain the IV spread? I don't really care for the IVs, so I'm confused... ;v; But I could try to breed for a calm Togepi since I have a couple and would like a shiny Eevee in return if you have one.
  19. K

    Offering Event, Legendary and Shiny Pokemon

    Then do you want to trade now? My friend code is: 3866 8669 5571 If you have a female Shiny Eevee, I would certainly appreciate it c: But if not, then it's fine. Any shiny Eevee is greatly appreciated! I don't care for stats. I'll give the stone to a Pokemon now and trade it off. I should...
  20. K

    Is Absol a good Pokemon?

    Okay, so I've had an Absol, one of my favorite Pokemon for a while, but just recently I've discovered that its defense stats are just....terrible. I think the only good stats are its Attacks. What else is good about Absol? I never really properly trained her, with the drinks that can...