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    5IV Japanese White Gengar and more

    Here's what I got. FT: JPN White Gengar Event Timid 9/20/14 *5IV, may want more than one JPN Tanabata Shiny Jirachi Relaxed 8/7/14 JPN Tanabata Shiny Jirachi Sassy 8/1/14 * obtained before Powersaves JPN Tanabata Shiny Jirachi Timid 8/1/14 *obtained before Powersaved JPN Tanabata Shiny...
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    GEN VI: Immunity Gligar or Poison Heal Gliscor

    I'm looking for either a HA Gligar or HA Gliscor since I don't have too much luck in looking for one. Last time I found one, I accidentally ran away. IVs don't need to be perfect or doesn't even need to have good IVs at all. I would really prefer a female in a Luxury Ball if possible. As with...
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    GEN VI: Gen VI Events UPDATED: August 9

    I have the following: Events Relaxed Tanabata Shiny Jirachi JPN UT Lv. 10 (8/07/14) *New*Lonely Tanabata Shiny Jirachi JPN UT Lv. 10 (8/07/14) *New*Careful Tanabata Shiny Jirachi JPN UT Lv. 10 (8/02/14) Sassy Tanabata Shiny Jirachi JPN UT Lv. 10 (8/01/14) Obtained before Powersaves Timid...
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    Shiny Tanabata Jirachi LF: Other Natures or Other Gen VI Events

    I have a Timid and a Sassy one I'm looking for other natured ones or other Gen VI events other than:
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    Pokeball Prismillons

    I got 5 copies of the Pokeball Vivillon being given out in France. I am looking for the following: PS To those who can clone, I would prefer if you clone and return the Vivillon since it isn't too convenient for me to clone them. Someone was just nice enough to clone me 5 of them.
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    Legit Nicknamable Flawless Meloetta

    I am able to nickname because I RNGed my Trainer ID and Secret ID to match that of the Event. I have also personally transferred one to Gen VI to confirm that it is possible. Info about Meloetta: Meloetta(Nicknamable) Lv. 50 OT: SPR2013 | ID: 03013 Nature: Modest Ability: Serene Grace IVs...
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    GEN VI: Looking for Movie 17 Darkrai

    Hi, I am looking for a Movie 17 Darkrai. Any Nature will do. Proof is not necessary, but highly appreciated. I do accept clones. You may pick up to 5 of the following. Following would need to be cloned
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    Spoilers Shiny Xerneas, Shiny Yveltal, and Shiny Zygarde

    Some hackers found Shiny Xerneas, Shiny Yveltal, and Shiny Zygarde. What do you guys think? BTW these also appear in Serebii's X and Y Pokedex. Xerneas Yveltal Zygarde
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    GEN VI: Japanese Gen VI Events

    Hi, I am looking for Any Japanese Gen VI event Pokemon. I can offer the following: Events Shinies If anything you're looking for is not on the list, feel free to ask. I still have lots more not listed. As for breedable Shinies, I can breed any flawless as available in Gen V.
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    GEN VI: Timid/Modest Bank Celebi

    Hi, I'm looking for a Timid or Modest Celebi with Sp. Attack being one of it's perfect stats. I can offer a Flawless Meloetta with Modest Nature or a Flawless WIN2011 Celebi with Jolly Nature. If there is anything else you're looking for just ask and I'll see if I have it. Would still be...
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    GEN VI: Choice Band

    Hi, I'm looking for a Choice Band. I can offer a Master Ball or Mewtwonite X for it.
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    Mewtwonite X and Masterball

    Hi, I would want to offer a Mewtwonite X or a Masterball. What I would want in exchange would be a Mewtwonite Y for the Mewtwonite X and an Extremespeed Dratini for the Masterball.
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    or Gen V: Certain Shaymin Events

    Hi, I would want the following in order to complete all Shaymin Events. -Japanese Movie Shaymin(aka Eigakan Shaymin) -Japanese Oak's Letter Shaymin -Film11 Shaymin -Peli11 Shaymin -Japanese Ranger Shaymin -PC Shaymin What I could offer are on this thread...
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    Thanksgiving Raffle(Closed, Winner Announced)

    Contest Closed, Congratulations to Lennongrad for winning. Thank you to all who participated. Stay tuned for another contest soon. Prize: #492 SHAYMIN OT:Oblivia ID:03060 Jolly Nature (Spe+, SpAtt-) Moves: -Growth -Magical Leaf -Leech Seed -Synthesis To enter, all you have...
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    High Plains Patterned Vivillon Giveaway

    Hi, my native Vivillon Pattern is the High Plains one. I am willing to give one to anyone who wants it or needs it for free. I can also infect it with Pokerus if you want.
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    Pokerus for All

    Hi, recently my friend traded me a Drillbur with Pokerus so I decided to spread it and share it with everyone who needs/wants it. Just trade me any Pokemon you don't want for a Pokerus infected Pokemon.
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    Some Stuff

    Hi, I'm looking for some stuff. I don't have too much to trade in this Gen but I can RNG flawless shinies in Gen V. I can give Squirtles as I am currently breeding them. For the flawless shinies, you can request any breedable ones as available in Gen V. List of stuff I'm looking for. Items...
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    GEN VI: Ditto

    I'm just in the early part of the game and couldn't get a Ditto just yet. I am offering a RNGed flawless shiny Durant in Gen V for it. 3DS friend code: 3582 9360 8813 Black FC for the Durant.
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    RNG Breeding Service

    Gen V RNG breeding service I'm offering RNG Breeding services in exchange for events. I can RNG any breedable Pokemon to have perfect IVs and be shiny. If interested, Please fill up this form. Form Just a few of what I RNGed in the past, These are strictly not for trade. Wants
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    Looking for legit Movie 16 Events

    Hi, I am looking for a legit Movie 16 Genesect and Mewtwo. I do accept clones as long as it's legit, and nothing from pokecheck.org please. You may choose any event/shiny from this link: I can RNG breed 2 flawless shinies of your choice for you. For RNG Breed, please fill up this form...