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    GEN VI: Reaper Cloth needed

    Looking for a Reaper Cloth if anyone can help me out. I'd like my Dusclops to evolve before I go and challenge the E4. Being pre-E4 I don't really have much to offer though, but if anyone is looking for something I'll see what I can do. (Also need help evolving the Dusclops if anyone can help...
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    Shiny Christmas Wonder Trade

    I suggest to spread a little bit of shiny joy this Christmas we should all send a shiny Pokemon out as a Wonder Trade this Christmas Day!! (seeing as though they seem more accessible than ever in ORAS) I'm gonna nickname the one I send 'Merry Xmas', so do the same if possible. If anyone is...
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    Shiny Oddish; to a new home!

    So today I came across my first ORAS shiny. An oddish, just part of a random horde on route 119, lucky! I'm not really fussed about oddish and would rather I have a shiny I can use in my team trough the game (I'm still only 5 badges in). So if anyone else is in a similar position and would...
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    GEN VI: Mudkip w/ Wide Guard

    Need one for chain breeding purposes, but it was only possible to get one in Gen V (which i no longer have access to) don't really have anything special to offer, but hopefully someone can help me out i can possibly IV/egg move breed stuff in return providing i have the necessary ingredients
  5. C

    5iv Axew for trade

    I have just started going through all pokemon in my game and IV checking them, came across this Axew that might be quite desirable for Haxorus fans Lv.4 Female Adamant (+Att/-Sp.Att) Mold Breaker 31/31/31/31/?/31 I'm really after either a 5iv Drilbur (pref. Adamant) or 5iv Skrelp (pref...
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    Back to it.

    Hey all. Havnt been active on the forum since I lost my DS and Pokemon White 2... but just got myself a shiny new 3DS and Pokemon X, so I guess im back! I've added my 3DS friend code to my profile, feel free to add me and send me your code!
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    looking for Mime Jr. and Togetic

    i can offer Terrakion, '2012MAY' Darkrai, Ledian, Chinchou, Swinub, Stantler, Chimecho, Delibird, Luvdisc, Floatzel, Pansage, Pidove, Emolga, Deerling, Scolipede, Audino ask for any details thanks :)
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    Mario Kart 7 Online Community

    150cc - All Items 38-6675-9790-4950 Let's race :-)
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    Has anyone played Super Pokemon Rumble?

    Just looking for a game to pass the time until BW2... i've played most of the mainstream 3DS titles... but haven't tried Super Pokemon Rumble yet. I've heard mostly bad things about it from standard reviews... but I suppose everyone here is a Pokemon fan, so I think i can trust the general...
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    Missing Type Combinations

    If I have worked it correctly, there are 31 type combinations that have not been produced yet... - Which of these types would you really like to see in future? - Which do you think would give us the best new tactics? - Any that you think would just not work at all? - Any hypothetical pokemon...
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    clearing out my 'swaps'

    up for grabs; looking for these; red = reserved
  12. C

    Wanted: Entei

    I'm offering a Terrakion or (japanese) Cobalion [both obtained from GTS at some point] I'd even offer both if I have to :loopy:
  13. C

    EV training Steelix

    I want an EV trained Steelix.... so should I evolve my level 1 Onix now and then EV train, or do the training and then evolve it? or does it make no difference?
  14. C

    Item Trade: Looking for a Metal Coat

    im not gonna list the items i can trade, that would be ridiculously long, but make a suggestion and i'll see what i can do! i can also offer almost any non-legendary breedable pokemon in its basic form at level 1 (or in egg if preferred) thanks for looking
  15. C

    Looking for an Entei

    I can offer a Terrakion or Cobalion feel free to make other requests though
  16. C

    Trade to get in-game Cell Battery

    There is a guy in Opelucid City that gives out the item Cell Battery... what he asks of you is to bring him a Pokemon that knows Charge, but was caught in the opposite version to your own. I am offering a Kiink that knows Charge, that was caught in my WHITE version... in exchange for a...
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    Wifi Club: Error 86420

    (I don't know if i've posted this in the right place - please can a modorater move it to the right place if need be - thanks) I'm trying to trades in the wifi club and when i try to connect with someone, either nothing happens, or i get error 86420 I've looked on the nintendo support site...
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    OMG I AM UNREAL's offerings:

    The following pokemon are all just sat in my 'swaps' PC box, so they're all up for grabs (orange = reserved for someone) ---------- I need any of the following Thanks for looking :)
  19. C

    looking for any free shinies?

    worth a shot... :)
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    good to be back!

    hey guys... i used this forum (fairly) frequently last year... and i won't go into why, but I haven't played the game or visited the forum for months.. but I;m back doing both, and thought i'd say hi... Hi!