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    The Last of My Stuff and Some Breeding (formerly Shiny Eevees and Y Mega Stones)

    EDIT: I'm all out of Shiny Eevees now. Now I'm down to a handfful of things I'm willing to trade off because I have extras: Mega Stones: ---------------- I have: Charizardite Y (spoken for) Mewtwonite Y (spoken For) Houndoominite Heracronite Blazikenite Looking For: Charizardite X Manectite...
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    GEN VI: Shiny Magikarp, Shiny Froakie and Shiny Shinx

    EDIT: Just need a Shiny Froakie now. thanks Zeb. In exchange: Shinies: Mew Kyurem Rayquaza Raikou Eevee Gengar Leafeon Flareon Vaporeon Gardevoir Glaceon Sylveon Or any legends/events. Thanks
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    What Do You Do When the Game is Done?

    So I've defeated the E4 and gotten most of the Dex. I still have a few Looker missions, some Mega Stones to find, and breeding Shinxes. Also, I don't really battle, because I suck. But to break up the monotony of running around with eggs, I've started a new walking tour through Kalos, from...
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    GEN VI: Need a Xerneas

    I need to get a Xerneas with an English name around the level it's caught in game. I need to replace one that I traded by accident because I thought it was mine but was someones I was holding and now I feel like a dope. Can anyone help me out? I've got pretty much all the other legends to...
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    Shinx Breeding Leftovers

    I'm developing a box of Shinx I don't need. I just release the Decent stat ones though a couple might be in my box. The rest are all Above Average. Most are marked, so if you have a stat and/or gender in particular you'd like I can see what I can match up. I've been keeping my Ruperior and...
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    GEN VI: Looking for Legendaries (mostly Events)

    EDIT: Mission Accomplished, I've got them all now. Thanks to everyone who helped. This thread can be closed.
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    GEN VI: Zapdos and/or Moltres

    Looking to fill out my X/Y Legendaries on my dex. If anyone has a Zapdos and/or Moltres, I can trade an Articuno and/or Yveltal. Those are the only good ones I have that would be worth the other birds, unless there's something non-Legendary you'd want, for some reason. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Hi Everybody!

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. Been a fan and user of Bulbapedia for my pokemon info for a long time and decided to join the forum. A bit of my Pokemon history; I started playing Blue when it came out when I was in college (Bulbasaur was my starter). I love each generation of...