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  1. Vivillon

    EVERYONE: Vivillon's Poetry 2.0

    Good day! Now that I'm back after forever, I figured I'd make a new thread for my poetry given how long the hiatus was. Anyways, enjoy the magical art that is poetry. I'll try to keep it organized this time, putting links into a table of contents. Here's to a fresh start! Chpt. 1: i...
  2. Vivillon


    Here's just another short story I decided to write for no reason at all. :) There was a road. It was a simple road, one made of planks of wood and steel bars. It stretched as far as the eye could see, constantly expanding across the rocky cliff. Upon this road there was a single train. It...
  3. Vivillon


    I saw It there. What It was, I do not know. What I do know is that It was big, bulky, and kind of slimy. What this Thing did, though, was something else altogether. When It walked, It stomped. When It stomped, It jiggled. When It jiggled, a little bit of slime splattered onto the ground. It...
  4. Vivillon


    Buzzing. That's what he heard as he was starting to lie down to take an afternoon nap. Slowly turning around, he began to search for its source. Seeing none, he looked outside. Could it be the faint hum of his neighbors mowing their lawn? Suddenly, the buzzing came from behind again. Alright, he...
  5. Vivillon

    EVERYONE: Vivillon Writes Poems

    Well, I may or may not post poems here occasionally when I get a chance. Feel free to tell me what you think. ^_^ Saying Goodbye, an original poem by Vivillon. How does one say good-bye, Bid farewell to the one they love? Is it a touch, a kiss, Or just a gentle gesture? Would they just leave...
  6. Vivillon

    Your Butterfly Master has arrived!

    Hi, my name's Vivillon, and I am a high school-aged male who enjoys playing Pokémon and Minecraft, rearranging Pokémon music (mostly Mystery Dungeon #PMD4lyfe), writing poems occasionally, and chatting about a plethora of miscellaneous topics of absolutely no relevance to the general population...