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    GEN VI: Legendary for Legendary

    I have two Palkias and two Tornadus, but I do not have Dialga or Thundurus. I would like one pokemon for its counterpart. For someone's information, I didn't play Generation 5 for personal and financial reasons.
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    GEN VI: 2 OR legendaries for 2 AS leendaries

    As said in the title, I have two OR legedaries to giveaway; one is Palkia and the other one is a Tornadus. In exchange for Palkia I would like Dialga, and for Tornadus I would like Thundurus Thank you for taking the time to read my want thread :-)
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    GEN VI: Some kind of Diancie

    You know what is worse then not getting the Diancie code before the expiration date? Trying to get the Diancie card at the beginning of the giveaway and have the all the Game Stops within a 50 mile radius all given out and not planning to get more cards. Boy, was I upset. Then I got to...
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    GEN VI: A few Pokemon left...

    Hello to those that are taking the time out of your busy day to read this. I have some few common Pokemon left to get for my Pokedex. These are the Pokemon that I am looking for: Drilbur (The reason I ask for these is because I do have any of their evolutionary forms as well) I can offer: IV...
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    What trainer class are you?

    I was watching some youtube videos when one video caught my eye; a trainer class game. So as I was watching, I thought about making a thread about it. So...what trainer class would you be in, why, what kind of Pokemon would you have on your team, and what you would be doing in the Pokemon...
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    Spoilers Anistar City Secret?

    Okay, I have Pokemon X and found all of the Mega Stones for my version. I was like, "Hey, does the sundial do something else now?" Sure enough, when I saw the sundial again, there was one of the most magical scenery in the entire game. Here is the steps that I took: 1. Found all of the...
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    GEN VI: Wanted: Deerling and Pidove

    I attempted the holiday giveaway with the 12 days of Chirstmas tweet page, but I unsuccesufully could not get a Pidove and Deerling. I just want one of each for my Pokedex, but I don't want to get rid of my Xneras or Zapdos, and I don't have Yveltal, Articuno, or Moltres. Does anyone want to...
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    I'm considerably new here and still working out the kinks. This is my first forum ever, so please bear with me. I have already posted a few stuff here, so I hope to stay on as a full fledged member. I enjoy a lot of things in the Pokemon World, and I love cats (hence the name). I love to...
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    Volt Tackle Pichus for give away!

    In hopes of hatching a shiny pichu, instead I have a bunch of Pichus that are looking for a good home. All of them have volt tackle as a move, so you don't need to keep looking for a light ball! I have no understanding of IVs whatsoever, so don't ask about that. I am willing to accept any...