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  1. Islander Princess

    World Championships in the anime

    Personally, I hope Gou doesn't compete in the World Championships. Since we learned in the last episode that past accomplishments/careers don't have any bearing on a trainer's ranking, I believe Gou would be able to enter. However, I don't really think that the World Championships is the best...
  2. Islander Princess

    World Championships in the anime

    Haven't gotten to watch today's episode yet, but honestly, it sounds very promising for future World Championships episodes. I can appreciate that we learned more about the structure of it (i.e. a trainer's prior achievements not mattering for their rank) and that there could very well be...
  3. Islander Princess

    World Championships in the anime

    As someone who's loved the concept of the World Championships since their introduction back in BW, I'm cautiously excited. I still don't love how the show handled the island challenge in SM, so I do have concerns about being let down by the World Championships as well. I do wish they had delved...