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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Would it be possible to have an option to automatically load the desktop version of Bulbapedia on all devices? The mobile site is fine on a phone with a small screen, but it's just big and clunky on a full size tablet screen. Additionally, when using a landscape orientation to view the site, the...
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but should the Pokémon Performer with the Nidoqueen have an article? As seen in the image the closed captions for the episode identify her as クイン子, which romanizes to Queenko, which basically amounts to Queen Girl, or Nidoqueen Girl...
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    On the Fuchsia City page, it states that "The city has never appeared in the Pokémon anime, although Ash won the Soul Badge at the Fuchsia Gym." Contrary to popular belief, the city has in fact appeared in the Anime. It was visited in the episode "Time Warp Heals All Wounds". In the dub, it...