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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    For some reason, I cannot discuss things on certain talk pages. Like Sun and Moon or Rugarugan. Whenever I type, it erases what I tried to type immediately. This was NOT an issue in other pages like an anime episode. Is the talk pages protected because it doesn't look like it to me? It seems...
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    My problem is sometimes I can't click on "links" when I click to see Ash's Pokemon and there's the list, I can't click on Pokemon like Noibat, but I can select Hawlucha. Also when it compresses after loading and it shows the "show" button I cannot click on the show button. I don't know why this...
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Re: Official Bulbapedia suggestion/idea/problem thread http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Tucker I propose if it's not already in the making, that in the anime sections of every COTD or otherwise any non notable Pokemon be worked out like Tucker's Anime Pokemon section. Because I really...