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  1. noworry

    Style Thread (New Styles: PMD Blue and Red!)

    This thread is for general ideas and feedback on forum styles, as well as announcing new ones as they come. If you see anything in a specific style that needs fixing, feel free to report it here. Please consider taking screenshots as well, though, as it's easier for us to help if we know what...
  2. noworry

    The Resource Thread

    Hi people :D This thread will have listings of programs you can use for different types of creative work. Remember that a program will only get you so far, and it's mostly about what program you personally prefer using. Drawing programs: Free: • FireAlpaca | Simple to use and reminds me a lot...
  3. noworry

    Halloween Art Contest: Alola Forms

    Hey everyone! :D As you might know, Halloween is right around the corner, and in accordance with this we’ll be holding a contest for everyone who wishes to participate! Staff will also be allowed to join in, but will not be able to win anything, as this is primarily for users. The theme for...
  4. noworry

    noworry's art shop [closed]

    Hey people and welcome to my art shop! :D As you might know, I like drawing. Sooo I decided to start this to get some practice when I don't have drawing ideas myself. It's also fun to do requests, so there is that. There is no queue at the moment, as I usually just close when I feel like it...
  5. noworry

    art by noworry☆

    Hey folks :D This is where I post everything from silly doodles to more serious drawings. Enjoy!