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    Retconning Pokémon

    Maybe instead of having gender ratios retconned they should make it when breeding Pokémon there is a small chance that the egg will be the father's species instead of the mother's species? That would have the bonus of not needing a Ditto to breed male only Pokémon.
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    Side Quest Discussion

    I'd like it if the game corner to come back except instead of using coins to play Pokémon themed slot machines, roulette, or other luck based games in hopes of payout, using them to play games like Pokémon pinball, Pokémon Puzzle League, and Pokémon Snap where you get a payout based on the...
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    Color, Metal, Advance... Generation VI's nickname?

    Genetic Generation is a okay nickname for gen 6, but really any nickname that makes sense is fine with me. I really want gen 6 to have a nickname to avoid accidentally saying gen sex when talking to someone about Pokémon in real life, since I already did that a few times...
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    Spoilers Gym Discussion/Speculation

    I'm hoping for: Fighting Gym Leader ♀ Bug Gym Leader ♀ Ghost Gym Leader ♀ Steel Gym Leader ♀ Grass Gym Leader ♂ Fire Gym Leader ♂ Psychic Gym Leader ♂ Dark Gym Leader ♂ Flying Elite Four ♂ Electric Elite Four ♀ Rock Elite Four ♂ Water Elite Four ♀ Normal Champion ♀X/♂Y
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    X and Y Player Character Names

    Re: PKMN X and Y Player Character Names I think that the names Xoana, for the female, and Yves, for the male, would be good.