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    Do you have a favorite Pokemon on your team?

    Because I've been too busy and lazy I don't have an official team I use. I can't have a favorite Pokemon on that team now can I?
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    Your Opinion On "Cheaters"

    I personally don't mind just if there not using max stats on everything online.
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    Random Images V2

    Too cute.
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    Random Images V2

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    Caption the Avatar Above v2

    Look at my beautiful daughter Elicia! Isn't she adorable?!
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    Who is the hottest gym leader?

    I don't think any of the gym leaders are hot. But that's just me.
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    Starter Pokemon Survey

    Obviously because I'm a girl, I choose the girl character. I mostly pick fire starters.
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    Random Images V2

    Don't ask were all of the links came from.
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    Random Images V2

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    Ban the User Above v2

    Banned for not making up your own post.
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    Random Images V2

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    Random Images V2

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    Bring Pokemon Back to the 'States!

    Why the hell is there not one of those kiosks at the mall of America!
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    A Pokemon Starting With...

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    Name the Song You're Currently Listening to and Add "in my pants" at the end

    Time's end..... in my pants.
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    Would you wrestle a pokemon for a prize?

    Problem is, you would have to deal with tons of angry Ursaring afterwards.
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    Random Images V2

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    Shadow Raikou's Thunder Sprite Shop! RE-OPENED! (Image heavy)

    Line-less Hydregon? That would be cool.
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    Random Images V2

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    Guess V's Nightmare Fuel.

    No V Is afraid of beer.