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  1. K

    Hello, new member here glad to be here

    Welcome! I hope you have lots of fun here. :)
  2. K

    Im Sweet Sylveon!

    Welcome, Sweet Sylveon! I really like your username. I hope you will enjoy being here. :)
  3. K

    Hello Everyone

    Thank you Terrell. :)
  4. K

    Hey! Glad to Meet you All :D

    Welcome to the Bulbagarden Forums, ​@Asria_YK. :)
  5. K

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks. :)
  6. K

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks! And also, I'm enjoying Pokémon X a lot. Thanks for asking. :D
  7. K

    Visitor message problems

    What forum update?
  8. K

    Fifteen new XY Beginning Set cards surface: Chesnaught, Delphox, Greninja, Furfrou, a

    Re: Fifteen new XY Beginning Set cards surface: Chesnaught, Delphox, Greninja, Furfro Looks awesome. Can't wait for the new set to be released. :)
  9. K

    What video games are you playing now?

    I'm currently playing Pokémon V, and Terraria on PC. They are both really fun games, and I have been enjoying both so far.
  10. K

    pokemon not evolving

    Yes, like the others have said, Pokémon only evolve during the daytime, so as long as it's daytime, the next time your Tyrunt levels up, it should evolve.
  11. K

    Hello to All

    Welcome, Patorikku! You will definitely enjoy being here on the forums. I'm Kamran, by the way.
  12. K

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks, Sheep. I'll most likely really enjoy the forums. :)
  13. K

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks! :)
  14. K

    Hello Everyone

    Thank you, Shiny. I am really enjoying the game! I finally got out of Lumiose City, and now heading to Route 6. And I'll be sure to contact you or another mod if I need any help. Thanks.
  15. K

    Spoilers XY Travelog!

    That's what I realized too about the running shoes, they aren't an item anymore, you actually get them right from the start which is awesome! My experience with Pokemon X so far has been amazing, but now I'm stuck in Lumoise City, since I can't find out what to do next. I picked a Fennekin as my...
  16. K

    Bonjour, mes amis!

    Welcome to the Bulbagarden forums! You will find many Pokemon fans here, and I hope you will enjoy the forums! :)
  17. K

    Hello Everyone

    Hi everyone. I'm Kamran. I love Pokemon, and have loved it since I got my first GBA (Game Boy Advance), and I still love the series. I am now beginning to play Pokemon X (I got it yesterday via the Nintendo eShop), and am loving the game so far. I am especially loving the new Pokemon and the new...