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  1. D

    Favourie Pokemon Anime Character?

    I totally forgot about jessie and james. Revise List: 1. Jessie and James 2. Brock 3. Ash 4. Dawn 5. May
  2. D

    Which female protagonist had the best role in a movie?

    It depends. Iris and Misty seems be ignored during the movies. They don't play any of the central role, supporting not even... Max play a central role in movie 6, protecting jirachi and that's it. May Play a central role in movie 9, protecting Manaphy and that's about it. Dawn never play any...
  3. D

    Pokemon anime near death experiences

    Ash Ketchum literally die 3x times, and got resurrected. He can survive no 10-year can. He earned this title: Man of Steel.
  4. D

    Favourite Champion in the Animé

    Cynthia. Trollbias just cheated with legendary pkmn.
  5. D

    Favourie Pokemon Anime Character?

    1st brock, 2nd ash, 3rd dawn, 4th may. (I before prefer may over dawn, but now it change).
  6. D

    Which Ash is your favorite?

    No Suprise, most of us like sinnoh ash. His basic core character are the same(Somewhat of a composite character), but he's experience and way of style in battle change a bit. Mostly notice, not as dumb and noob as compare to kanto, johto, and BW.
  7. D

    Who do you think is the better coordinator out of Ash's female companions?

    Definitely Dawn on this one. Dawn's victory over May proof this one(Her glaceon is fully evolve and is 2nd powerhouse in May's team). Throughout the DP series, Dawn is showing more devoted, promising, and more determined to her goal than may(even her two losses in the appealing round didn't...
  8. D

    Overall, who was the most interesting rival?

    Paul(the jerkass) and harley(the tricky, evil who basically hold grudge against someone even for the smallest thing).
  9. D

    What would be your ideal group? (Does NOT have to include Ash.)

    Sadly, pokemon anime never allow 2 girls in the party.
  10. D

    Arceus and Dragon trio vs. Mewtwo and army of clones

    Obviously Arceus. He's the creator of universe who take down dialga, palkia, and giratina with ease. He can kick Mewtwo's ass too just like in the game.
  11. D

    Favourite Series So Far?

    Either DP or AG.
  12. D

    Cilan VS Brock

    Brock, he's my favorite comedy guy.
  13. D

    Misty or Iris?

    Of course Misty. I never like a girl who swing around with vines like a jungle girl, climb like a monkey, rude, immature(call everyone a kid when actually she's the kid). Iris is not very likeable character to me.
  14. D

    Strongest battler of Ash's friends? Cilan Vs. May Vs. Brock Vs. Misty Vs. Iris, etc.

    Re: Strongest battler of Ash's friends? Cilan Vs. May Vs. Brock Vs. Misty Vs. Iris, e I think is kinda funny when everyone vote May as strongest battler. Just because she's your favorite doesn't mean she's a great battler. I watch most of entire AG episode and she rarely do any battle at all...
  15. D

    Who's return did you like best: Misty's, May's, or Dawn's?

    May's return is better than the other two. Even though she lost(Dawn totally deserve to earn the ribbon), she actually do something to help Dawn bring her overly-confidence and her focus back. Misty was alrite. Dawn's my third favorite protagonist(behind brock and ash). But Dawn's return, is...
  16. D

    Least Favorite Saga

    I go with BW.
  17. D

    ANIME EDITION: Am I the only one who...

    I dislike both Johto and BW. Tracy and Cilan are terrible character. I personally prefer Brock.
  18. D

    May's strongest pokemon?

    Definitely May's Blaziken, then Glaceon(which she got a long time ago evolve from eevee during kanto battle frontier).
  19. D

    Dawns strongest pokemon?

    Even though Togekiss is give away to Dawn from Salvia, but is still count as her pokemon now. Either her starter piplup, or mamoswine.
  20. D

    Which one of ash's rivals was the best and why?

    Paul, and second will be Gary. No one can beat Paul in Jerkassness. Trip is a very boring rival for ash.