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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Kinda... Me and Godzillawolf-kun

    Candy, the ralts, was waiting for somebody and eating an oran berry sleepily. "Where is he? He's late, again..." she grumbles. OOC: Sorry, not the brightes crayon in the box...
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    A Simple Adventure, Right?!?! Me and Kanade-kun!

    Vevala was walking down the road to Prof. Elms lab. Her long white hair was it a loose ponytail and some was in her blue eyes. She was happily humming while thinking of how great it will be to have a pokemon finally. OOC: Sorry! Sucky everything!
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    So...bored! Wanna PRP with me?

    Yeah, it's me again... I'm really bored and this is just something I wanna do. I'm gone a lot but that's why I only PRP around here... Anyway, I'm up for anything like, pokemon or some other stuff. I'm better at pokemon but I like to do new things. Thank you for even reading this. Dare to be...
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    The Random Chat for Shadow Moon!!

    Yeah... It's for the random stuff that people posted on the Sign Up... *Glares at the guilty subjects* Have fun here!! :lol:
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    Shadow Moon Village: A Ninja RP!! Sign Up is only limited time!

    Hello! I know some people might be thinking they want to kill me(sorry!!) but I had to put this up! This RP will be a whole new thing for me, so please... Anyway, the story is that all the villages lived in peace. Until, a stranger came to all the villages and spread rumors of greed and dark...
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    One of my Crazy Ideas

    Okay, I'm just going to get down to business! I'm thinking of a sorta Naruto RP but without the actual Naruto cast. So basically it's going to be about ninja(is there actual a plural for ninja?) and apparently scary demons. I'm still thinking if I even should put it up... I'm wondering who would...
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    Sinnoh Journey (Me and BeastieBayleef)

    Kaylea was looking around which way to go to Jubalife City. Her long brown hair tied up and her brown eyes darting around. "This is what I get for rushing off yet again... When will I learn?" she mutters to herself. She was wearing a black tank top, blue jeans, a white jacket and running shoes.
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    Would Anyone Want To Do A PRP With Me?

    Hey... I guess most of you know who I am... For those of you who don't know who I am, I am EF or Kay-chan. I'm looking for something to do and I thought 'Why not do this?' Anyway, I hope somebody will want to do this with me... I'm really into Pokemon but if you want to do some other genre I'm...
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    EVERYONE: A Soul Eater Fan Fiction

    Let me just say that I wrote this out of complete and total boredom so it might stink... It's just a simple story and I don't own any of the characters... Well besides putting myself and a random weapon thingy... Also I don't know much about the anime so don't yell at me please.This story is...
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    Animal I've Become: School for the Gifted Chat

    Okay this is the place to chat and where I teach you things you wanna know... Well sorta it's also like a place where your characters are here if you want... Last time we had our characters think they were being stalked by camera paople... It was funny anyway here it is... Enjoy! "Hey? Anyone...
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    Animal I've Become: School for the Gifted 2

    I put this up now because I'm not sure I'll be on tomorrow so here it goes! Rmember the rules if you break one I'll warn you but after that you're out! And I'm in a hurry because some guys yelling at me so it's sorta a fast start. Moonlight was in the forest surrounding the school. It looked...
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    Animal I've Become: School for the Gifted 2

    Hello everyone! It's me again with the same idea as the last time but this time I hope more people join! For those of you who don't know about this it's about teens(or kids but I perfer teens) who turn into animals. The school has only been up for one year. I'm sorry if you don't understand but...
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    Lunar School

    Moonlight walked into the school looking around. She had white hair, blue eyes, and was a pretty girl. Wearing bagggy white pants, a black tank top, and and black and white hat. "Okay, they said look for the aditoriam, right," she mumbled to herself.
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    Lunar Academy: New School New Life

    Here it is folks! Remember to have fun and don't kill other people! Now... LETS GET THIS THING STARTED!!! XD A girl on a black motorcycle pulled up in front of a mansion like school. Taking off her helmet, her white hair falling down to her chin, bright blue eyes looking around, a grimace on...
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    Animal I Have Become: School for the Gifted *Random Chat*

    Okay I put this up just for random crap... So anyway if you have any thoughts on how to make the RP better or if you just want to put random stuff here.. Here it is.. I'm gonna just go over there.. -> *Runs away quickly* XD
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    Lunar Academy: New School New Life!

    It's my first ever Pokemon RP! I made another one... It's going fine, not dead yet, at least. Anyway, about this RP... A new school for every type of trainer. But there is something weird about it. Ghost appear, your own shadow might even talk to you, and people have been disappearing. Now here...
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    Animal I Have Become: School For The Gifted

    Okay here is my first start-up so.. Let me say something. This start-up will have some bad shapeshifters. I better tell you more about when you shapeshift. When you do change better hope you don't rip your clothes, yes you are completely naked so keep good track of your clothes. The sign-up will...
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    Animal I Have Become: School for the Gifted

    Name pretty much tells you some about it. So far it's about kids who have powers to transform into one animal. The school is called Gifted Youngsters(Lame I know). That's pretty much it. RULES:1. Have fun! 2. Don't kill anyone unless they are not a real player. 3. Post at least once a day...
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    Hello everyone! This is my first story ever! I'm so excited right now I could- Never mind lets get back on track. The name's Eevee Freak but please call me Freak. Now here's the plot. PLOT: The main character is called Moonlight. She is stubborn, random, and can be sweet. Moonlight suddenly...
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    I Need Help With Naming My Story

    Okay hi I'm new to this! Anyway I need ideas for my, of course, stories name. My story is about a girl named Moonlight who has white hair, bright blue eyes, and is super cute. But here's the thing... She turns into a pokemon. She silently protects the people from, drum roll please, Team...