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  1. Lillie

    Lillie's blogs: #1-The next couple of weeks are going to be cold

    It looks like the coldest day of the year will be next Wednesday where the temperature seems to be around negative 8 to negative 11 degrees Fahrenheit. The next couple of weeks won't even make it past 25 degrees :lapras:
  2. Lillie

    Ferriswheelshipping (NxHilda) General Discussion

    Welcome to the Ferriswheelshipping General Discussion thread! Here is where you can discuss anything and everything involving the shipping between N and Hilda. Who are they? Hilda: The female playable character in the first Black and White games from the fifth generation. She traveled around...
  3. Lillie

    Which ghost Pokemon from the anime is your favorite?

    The anime has had countless number of ghost Pokemon that made an appearance in the anime in the past 20 years. Which ones were your favorite(s), and why?
  4. Lillie

    Would you like to see Misty make an appearance in the current series?

    Would you like to see Misty make a guest appearance in the current series? I'd love to see her make an appearance and interact with the current group and maybe battle someone as well.
  5. Lillie

    Preview XY102: Terminus Cave! The Mystery of Z is Set in Motion!!

    http://i.imgur.com/w6vq1QQ.jpg Ash and friends come to "Terminus Cave" in order to restore Squishy's power! However, Team Flare is there! Airs December 24 New title thanks to dephender from serebii.
  6. Lillie

    Preview XY101: Dance, Eievui! Its TryPokaron Debut!!

    http://i.imgur.com/w6vq1QQ.jpg Serena aims for getting her third Princess Key! This time Eevee finally makes its stage debut! Airs December 17. New title thanks to dephender from serebii.
  7. Lillie

    Serena as a traveling companion

    How do you feel about Serena as a traveling companion in XY so far? I feel that she has been great as one so far. At first she didn't do much, which I think could have been written a little better, but after that around the summer camp arc, she seems to have finally gotten some great...
  8. Lillie

    Which female companion is the most relatable to you?

    Which female companion can you relate to the most? The female companion that I feel is the most relatable to me will be Serena because I know what it feels like to be unsure of what career you want to have for the future and then eventually finding a career that interests me. I think we also...
  9. Lillie

    Favorite villain team in the anime

    What is your favorite villain team in the anime?
  10. Lillie


    Hi I'm new here. I also have an account at serebiiforums.