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  1. Windchild


    So it's been a hot minute since I've been here. I joined this place back in 2012 and I'm not sure how many of my buddies from back then are still on here. But I digress. Anyways, Latias has been one of my favorite Pokemon for as long as I can remember. Back in the day for you newbies...
  2. Windchild

    SwSh Need a few things

    I want a Ribbon Sweet so I can evolve my Milcery, a Star Sweet for another one down the road, and a Hidden Ability Indeedee. If anyone can hook me up, that'd be fantastic~
  3. Windchild

    Windchild's Wacky and Whimsical...Art Place

    Hey so I made one of these threads years and years ago but it's long since been archived and even if it wasn't...I'd prefer not to see it. Anyways, since then I've transitioned to mostly digital art, but I've still got a couple of traditional projects I might share too. So I just finished my...
  4. Windchild

    Regenesis (Bad Apple & Charles Dunois)

    "Physical reconfiguration complete," the woman reported into her headset. "Heart rate is steady for both individuals. No apparent drop in vitals. Operation successful." On the pair of operating tables before her lay a child and a teenager. The process they had underwent lasted for several...
  5. Windchild

    Nether-Merged [Midorikawa and Knock Out]

    Midorikawa Nix reached in her pocket for her keys. To the people of Blackthorn City, she was Ace Trainer Nix, who had moved in recently. However, she didn't have any Pokemon. Upon finding the keys, her blue eyes widened. "Okay, Acie. I'm home." She muttered to herself. Making some...
  6. Windchild

    Start Ups Split Ends: Start-Up

    Polkadot Jolteon; Midorikawa; Leavanny Duo; xelda57; Kyouhei; AlphaMouse; Blathers; Wild Candy; Sandy nodded to another scientist, then lowered the microphone on her headset down to her mouth. "Bring the subjects in." Within a minute, twenty-six men and women carried in half as many...
  7. Windchild

    Split Ends

    Warning This RP can have a rather quick pace. Do not join unless you're serious and dedicated to RPing. Split Ends Ambition. A foul motive stirs the hearts of the curious, the weak, and the rejected. It drains them of their conscience, their sanity, and sometimes, even their lives. They...
  8. Windchild

    THP: The Dividing Line (Start-Up)

    Polkadot Jolteon Plumbum; Midorikawa; Leavanny; Elysion; Milena hopped onto a crate, Chiara following close behind. They were chasing a Merge through a shipyard, an effort which was harder than most would think, considering their Merge halves. Ahead, their quarry was cackling...
  9. Windchild

    THP: The Dividing Line

    Okay, so in the unlikely case someone new decides to join, just ask for a bit of exposition. It has been fifteen years since the global string of adolescent disappearances caused by the criminal organization known as the Half Project, and everything seems to have returned to normal. No more...
  10. Windchild

    The Half Project: Scattered Shards

    mwto, Polkadot Jolteon Zant Two dozen subjects-to-be were carried into the lab. The head scientist sighed. Not every subject would survive, that was for sure. He nodded, and the other scientists injected each adolescent. Some of them stopped breathing, while others started changing...
  11. Windchild

    The Half Project: Scattered Shards

    Yes, we can change the name as need be. The Half Project: It was just last year that they were found to have restarted their malicious scheme, and yet they manage to keep obscure. Their experiments include injecting adolescents with Pokémon DNA, and locking away whatever unlucky teen or preteen...
  12. Windchild

    The Half Project: Second Half: Start-Up

    Valcarona, Polkadot Jolteon, tyler212, Fezian The Mop, bennett, Purple Porygon The grunts walked into the lab, carrying several kids and teens along. "Here are the new subjects." The leader said. "Thank you" Said one of the scientists. "You are dismissed." The grunts obliged by...
  13. Windchild

    The Half Project: Second Half

    The Half Project: Second Half Fully allowed by the GM of the original Half Project, Joltik. As humans and Pokemon grow closer, so does technology with the two. It has allowed resurrection of the deceased, conversion of life into energy and back, and artificial Pokemon. But now, there's a...
  14. Windchild

    TEEN: Far From Gone

    I'm not sure how this is, it being my first and all, but here's Far From Gone. Chapter one The date was May 30th, 2010. I had just got home from school on a bus that reeked of oil. As I slowly made my way down the steps, I noticed the garage door was open, and my dad was working on his old...
  15. Windchild

    The Viridescent Hero (Start-Up)

    Seth began writing letters. He vastly preferred E-mail, but not everyone he was writing to had electronics to access such a thing. Once he was done, he called for Bridgett. "Bridge? I need you to mail these letters!" Bridgett walked into the study. "Okay, then, sir." He handed her the...
  16. Windchild

    Deox's artwork

    Yeah... This is a thread that I'll be using to post my art... And maybe take some suggestions... I dunno... Anyways, here's something I drew earlier... Warning... Large... Yeah, that's about it... [...]... Hahaha!
  17. Windchild

    The Viridescent Hero

    A couple months ago, a huge discovery was made. Deep within some of Unova's ruins, a being referred to as 'The Viridescence' was learned about. It is said that it has power beyond measure, and it is hibernating somewhere within the region, waiting for the one that will wake and master it. A...
  18. Windchild

    Dark Deox's Atmospheric Entry

    Hi, I joined yesterday... not a whole lot to say... My sentences can get pretty condensed.
  19. Windchild

    Want a YOTD Egg.

    A Year of the Dragon egg would be nice, especially a Bagon or Deino (Tatsubay or Monozu). Nevermind.