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    COMPLETE: Striking Back: Memoirs of a Clone (MATURE)

    Ah, not a bad bit of writing, I should think. I certainly was not aware that the world's most perfect Pokémon had kept his own memoirs! Going through, here are my notes on what exists so far: - I did notice that you had five quotes with which to proceed the prologue as well as another three...
  2. D

    What evil team you think is most evil?

    Rocket are simply a band of thieves. Pretty solidly in violation of the law, but nothing on a terrorist scale (most of the time). Aqua and Magma amounted to eco-terrorists, but came off as just very extreme in their views and reformed at the end of their story. Galactic was more outright...
  3. D

    Contest Raichu VS Pikachu

    I'm not really polarized about Pikachu like most people are. However, I will say that Pikachu is bit cuter, while Raichu is an all-around better battler. It's a fair trade-off in my opinion, but I still prefer Raichu by a bit.
  4. D

    Contest Charizard vs Emboar

    Re: Charizard vs Enbuoo I like Charizard because I personally think that its design is much better. Plus, I've had good experience using Charizard in-game, while I've never really used Emboar at all.
  5. D

    Least Favourite Water Starter

    First form: Oshawott. It's still cute in a derpish way, but the least so out of all the Water Starters. Second form: Croconaw. Never really liked that caveman dress it's got going on. Final form: Swampert. Looks the least appealing out of all the final forms to me by far. General: Mudkip. It's...
  6. D

    What was your team the first time you ever beat the E4?

    Cyndaquil (not Typhlosion), Ampharos, Dragonite and a couple of empty slots, I recall. I was ten at the time, so it was a very newbish team.
  7. D

    When nicknaming your Pokemon...

    I would always do mine in ALLCAPS because that was the way the rest of the game was formatted for names. Now all of my Pokémon nicknames are out of style since they changed the name format in B/W. I just can't bring myself to rename some and leave the rest in all-caps: I want all of my nicknames...
  8. D

    The Dimensional Scream ability.

    Well, the Pokémon world definitely has confirmed Psychics going around, and the Dimensional Scream ability could easily be attributed to involuntary clairvoyance/scrying. I would say that it's a definite possibility for people to develop a similar ability, and the DScream already confirmed to...
  9. D

    Contest Arcanine vs Ninetales

    I definitely love Ninetales over Arcanine by their visual designs, though I admit that I may be a bit biased - Ninetales was an enormous help in SoulSilver, but I haven't really used Arcanine in battle yet.
  10. D

    Contest Sinnoh Frontier Brains

    I've always been a fan of Darach and Caitlin, even before G.V came out. They did have a sort of refined air about them, which I liked, took their job seriously and were actively involved in the proceedings of their facility, which was very nice.
  11. D

    Most feminine looking Eeveelution

    Definitely Glaceon, followed by Vaporeon - I can imagine male versions of the other five relatively easily, and I was able to see Vaporeon as a male without too much difficulty. Glaceon, though, just seems like a more elegant, sleek Pokémon - makes me think of an "ice queen". Interestingly, it's...
  12. D

    If You Could Eat a Pokemon--Pokemon Cuisine

    Re: Stick a fork in it. (Pokemon Cuisine) I would say that any Pokémon with a real-life animal counterpart could be eaten relatively similarly (Miltank to beef, unfertilized eggs, etc.), with the addition of most grass Pokémon with plant-parts being able to "grow" food in that degree. This is...
  13. D

    Do you believe in aliens?

    Yes, I believe that life exists outside of Earth. However, more than likely it is the extraterrestrial equivalent of a virus, bacteria or mold. If life elsewhere has developed as far as we have on Earth, it's probably developed in such a different way than animal life on earth that it would be...
  14. D

    VG Weekly Poll #6: Is the Battle Tower/Subway too hard?

    I was never able to get the symbols/prints/stars from the Battle Towers, personally - largely because I have little experience outside of battling NPCs and I don't really EV train, not to mention that losing at any point meant that you had to start over at the first trainer. It was a very...
  15. D

    What's your coffee order?

    Just plain, black coffee, if you please. If I'm feeling particularly in the mood, I might get a mocha. Not a fan of iced coffee drinks, though.
  16. D

    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread Vol. 2

    Just had my afternoon coffee time.
  17. D

    Your newest purchase

    A replacement multitap for my Playstation 2 as well as Guilty Gear Isuka.
  18. D

    What career choice are you interested in?

    Currently studying Computer Engineering at a state university - I intend on going into software development after I graduate.
  19. D

    Contest Weavile vs Glaceon

    I actually really like the designs of both Pokémon - Weavile's a rockin' ninja weasel while Glaceon's an elegant ice fox. However, while I can vouch strongly for Weavile's battle ability, I have had no such experience with Glaceon, so Weavile has to take my vote on this one.
  20. D

    Does Gender matter to you?

    I typically plan out my team before I make a run-through of a game, including nicknames, so to an extent I plan out what gender of each species I want. Not because I breed, mind you, but because I've got a mental picture in my head of my team's structure and their individual characteristics...