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  1. LazySpy

    Review JN013: Satoshi VS Dande! The Road to the Strongest!!

    How about Ash's Litten from Sun and Moon, who wanted to be caught but Ash still had to fight him regardless? I mean, it is a reasonable assumption to make, don't get me wrong, but Gou happens to run into just too many Pokemon with that individuall character trait, doesn't he? Kind of breaks my...
  2. LazySpy

    Review JN013: Satoshi VS Dande! The Road to the Strongest!!

    They key diffirence being Snivy was a first stage starter owned by a begginer trainer, and the battle litelary being the first said trainer ever fought. Charizard is a finall evolutionary stage starter owned by LEON. This guy defeated motherf*cking Lance in the previous episode. So no, not...