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  1. V

    Which characters do you have a crush on?

    Had plenty when I was younger. I think it was Gary, James, Damian (from "Charmander the Stray Pokemon"), Falkner, then Giovanni. In that order. Now, I admit, I have a thing for Rico (from "A Poached Ego"). Kind of disturbing, yeah.
  2. V

    Pokemon Fansites

    I had a Team Rocket fan site when I was about eleven, with the typical bio page (which I wrote), fan art page (I asked other people to send in fan art, that is), screenshots, and...Rocketshipping evidence, haha. I'm pretty sure I used Homestead. I did it because I was inspired by all of the...
  3. V

    Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who supports this!

    Wendy/staraptor most definitely. Another one I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned/named before: Hastings/Jocelyn. I don't remember the exact quote, but in the first game she tells you about how he never married, and in the second she actually says, "Prof. Hastings is kind of cute!" So...at least...
  4. V

    Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who supports this!

    @ Zel - I WOULD SO READ THAT. Hey, here's something else that actually is canon: Kaplan/Claire. And I just remembered one of my other favorites, Cameron/Elita. I have visions of him giving her all of this useless junk while she pretends to like it. Also, I made this up just now, but it's...
  5. V

    Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who supports this!

    No need to worry, Blackjack, wherever there's Ranger stuff...there's me. *Heroic pose* Although I'm afraid I must decline to discuss Murph at this time due to certain issues. ...but YES this makes perfect sense. NO NO NO CAPTAIN PUEL SEA X BROOK FOR LIFE! (seriously though I like Brook so...
  6. V

    Please Tell Me

    All I have to say is that it annoys the crap out of me whenever I hear it.
  7. V

    Pokémon Ranger 3: Tracks of Light {Check First Post For Info}

    Looks like she has a blue streak in her hair...I guess that's the theme with them. Wonder what the leader will look like if it turns out not to be Red Eye. And if I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing, we'll be using multiple pokemon at once to perform a target clear?
  8. V

    What does a Pokeball look like on the inside?

    I always thought they were in suspended animation while they were in there, since they're being stored as energy, so they can't see anything anyway. About the psyduck, though...well...it has psychic powers, right? Maybe that's why it was able to be aware of where it was.
  9. V

    Pokémon Ranger 3: Tracks of Light {Check First Post For Info}

    Well, I'm glad they're continuing the series, that's the most important part. Those graphics are incredible. Ranger has always had the best graphics. And it does look like there will be a lot more to do in this game. I like the Ranger Sign thing. The characters...well...I really don't like the...
  10. V

    Pokemon Nightmare Fuel

    Reading about glitch pokemon at 4 AM and making up creepy theories about what it would be translated into in-universe terms. That fic someone mentioned, if it's "Glitch" by Kanthia, I freakin' love that fic. So disturbing.
  11. V

    Where do starters come from?

    All the starter species are plentiful in the wild in Fiore and Almia...just sayin'.
  12. V

    Pokemon towns/cities too small?

    Because it's a simplified version of what we're to assume it "really" looks like (notice that they look like normal-sized cities and towns on the show). The same way it wouldn't take thirty seconds to get from one town to another in real life, and houses would have more than one or two rooms...
  13. V

    Game characters you want to see

    Well I'll say again how much I'd love a Ranger spin-off show...the topic probably refers more to which characters you want to see put on the show *as it is now*, but I think it would be a waste of potential to give them just one or two episodes when there's so much they could do with their own...
  14. V

    Weaponry in the Pokémon World

    My guess is that there are just more restrictions on owning weapons, which is why only law enforcement (I guess the Safari Zone warden counts) or criminals (who don't own them legally anyway) would have them. Their weapons (or a lot of them) are pretty different from ours anyway, though, due to...
  15. V

    End of the game

    That's part of the reason I put off challenging the Elite Four for so long. I know I technically could have done all of my mass breeding experiments (and a lot more easily) after I actually completed the story mode, but by that time, I probably wouldn't even feel like it. I noticed it a lot...
  16. V

    Crack Pairings - A discussion

    Oh god yes please do. I looooove Damian. In fact, now *I* need to draw this, haha.
  17. V

    Things that you've always done in the Pokemon games

    I absolutely must have everything nicknamed. And the nicknames have to follow a theme - usually based on type, like all grass types have French names or whatever, but if I'm breeding a ton of one species, I usually pick a new theme (my extra spearows were named after missiles). I don't use HM...
  18. V

    Crack Pairings - A discussion

    I'm pretty sure all of the pairings I'm "seriously" into all make some amount of sense. I say "seriously" because I find it hard to come up with realistic scenarios of how/why certain characters would meet. There are at least a few crack pairings that interest me, just that I'm not likely to do...
  19. V

    What do you call people from Kanto or Sinnoh?

    Kantonian and Sinnohian. Although now that I think of it, Sinnohsian sounds a lot better. The other two I call Johtonian and Hoennite. EDIT: Almian and Fiorian. Can't forget those!
  20. V

    The TR Issue

    I think some of the Japanese names, especially for evil team leaders, are meant to be surnames, but the English names are always meant to be their first names (with some exceptions, like the professors whose first names we don't know, and for some reason I'm convinced Gordor is a surname)...