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  1. Deku-Mimikyu

    Easter eggs

    Like the past few games, a lot of the major characters are named after plants. They're all pretty blatant in Japanese, but in English some of them are more subtle. Oleana - Olea, the genus that contains olives. Japanese name is Olive. Kabu - Japanese for turnip. Melony - Melon. Gourdie -...
  2. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    He's a dragon type trainer and the captianless trial is dragon. Interesting. The theory does make a lot of sense.
  3. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    I don't know if I should thank you for reminding me of that ad, or hate you for reminding me of that ad.
  4. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    I mean, I thought the Affleck leak was fake until it was proven otherwise. Then again, I think every leak is fake until proven otherwise. Honestly I like looking at leaks not because they might be real, but because they amuse me with how bad they can be. It's also fun to go back and see how...
  5. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    Up and to the left of Alcremie, the two black spots. Edit: Here, a more precise circle.
  6. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    The idea of being a card designer is novel, but otherwise this is painfully bad and not thought out at all. Despite claiming to be a card designer they seem to have no understanding about how the process works. I'm filing this one under "Really Bad 4-chan Leaks". Honestly I think the only...
  7. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    The main thing that bothers me is that they are so incredibly detailed in the Smash portion, but incredibly vauge in the Pokemon portion. Why don't they give the names of any of the Pokemon? If they knew so much about the direct, surely they would know the names of the Pokemon. It really seems...
  8. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    I remember being so dissapointed when I found out there was so little that hadn't already been shown off in Sun and Moon. Not gonna lie, I'm actually really excited to go into these games knowing so little. I mean, I totally get why people are frustrated at the lack of information, because I...
  9. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    This makes me miss the days when CoroCoro was still a major news source, and people would put a ton of effort into making fake scans. Some of them were very badly done, most were good but had mistakes when you looked closer, but then some were incredibly convincing to the point where no one...
  10. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    If I had access to Photoshop right now I would totally bring that into reality.
  11. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    This reveal would have been much closer to being considered "a lot" if anyone actually cared about Gigantamax forms.
  12. Deku-Mimikyu

    If & when the datamine drops, what will you Ctrl+F (if anything)?

    Version exclusives so I can finally decide which game I'm going to get. Immediately after that I will begin my time away from basically the entire internet.
  13. Deku-Mimikyu

    Dynamax: Thoughts, Feelings, or Concerns

    Gamefreak: "Yeah, we love all the starters! Like Charizard and...... Charizard..... oh, and Greninja! And uh.... uhm.... Charizard." (I do have to admit, the design for G-max Charizard is probably my favorite G-max design so far. Of course Charizard would get the best design.)
  14. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    Quick comparison I made. I'd be extremely surprised if it was anything other than Ponyta.
  15. Deku-Mimikyu

    New Alolan forms?

  16. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers What are your feelings on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

    I'm actually excited. Alola felt so incomplete to me, it screamed of rushed development. There are several unused places on the map, scrapped areas, and places that felt like they were important but really weren't. I hope USUM will expand on those places. For example, it's weird to me that...
  17. Deku-Mimikyu

    Spoilers Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread (V2)

    Why do we have any reason to believe the anonymous 4chan leak again? Because they drew (pretty awful) art of what some characters and forms look like?
  18. Deku-Mimikyu

    Trials, Gyms or Both?

    If they do have trials again, I hope they change them up. Like how in third versions, they'd change the layout of the gyms and the parties of the gym leaders. Maybe different Totem Pokemon, different challenges. Stuff like that, y'know? I wouldn't mind having the same trial captains as long as...
  19. Deku-Mimikyu

    The Return of Walking Pokemon?

    Because GameFreak carefully measured out every area to contain as many models as possible without causing the 3ds to explode from being overloaded. They still have a bunch of charred 3ds systems sitting in the corner of the GameFreak storage room.
  20. Deku-Mimikyu

    New Alolan forms?

    I mean I'm a Ninetales lover if you couldn't tell, but the fact that we didn't get Alolan Arcanine is just cruel. Now that I think about it, didn't a credible leaker mention several Alolan forms that didn't appear in the games? Now that we know of US/UM, it could be that those forms were being...