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    Favourite and least favourite Kalos Pokemon?

    Vivillon would be my current favourite of the Class of '13 for the sheer variety of colours and patterns and a signature move that is flavourful, rather usable and lulzy. Not a big fan of Xerneas. It can't be used much without overpowering everything, its story isn't IMHO interesting enough to...
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    NPC Trainers' AI (Switching)

    The AI is poorly understood - I believe Smogon has a list of AI tendencies for Gen 5 Battle Subway though. From my own experience in Gen 6's Battle Maison Super Singles, I can say that they do switch in very few circumstances, namely: 1) Their Pokémon have moves that normally would damage but...
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    Monotype Champions: Remake Their Teams!

    The "Yanmega being a dragonfly" thing doesn't translate well outside of English, because English is unusual in making a connection between dragons and dragonflies. I'd give Lance Dragonite / Tyranitar / Gyarados / Kingdra / Mega Charizard / Skarmory because they're strong draconic Gen 1 and 2...
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    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    Curious how an originally Sapphire-exclusive 'mon got a giant Ruby. If it needs something to take care of its low stats though like Mawile got Huge Power, Stance Change (if it gets it) could help a lot although it's more shifting stats about. e: Maybe the Sableyeite (or whatever) is exclusive...
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    Hoenn Remake Wishlist

    ^ You mean like in Crystal?
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    Speculation Sevii Islands in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    TC's idea has a bit too much Kanto nostalgia for me personally, and probably for Game Freak too. Including Team Rocket would create an unprecedented three-villainous-team scenario where Game Freak would likely want to work more to expand Magma and Aqua's scope. The level of detail in the idea...
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    Speculation Pokémon Availability in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    I'm wondering if Altering Cave, if it comes back, will be used for HA Pokémon from various generations. The lack of aquatic HA Pokémon since the Dream World closure also makes me wonder if Game Freak will introduce some into these games or into another Kalos game. It appears in the Rocky Beach...
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    Speculation Game Corner?

    The PEGI's hard to predict (especially when you're a Japanese game developer). I interpret the balloon popping game as evidence Game Freak have an appetite for RNG-heavy games, and the guaranteed prizes in that game might be enough to bypass the PEGI's interpretation of gambling. Of course...
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    Character customizations?

    ^ Masuda defending perma-hat is apparently from Game Informer. Key quote: "It's a way to symbolize the player's character. You can tell at a glance who it is because of the hat." Only real chance of removing the hat is Masuda or someone getting sick of being asked about it. I'd obviously like...
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    New Gym Leaders and Elite 4?

    I'm not terribly attached to any of them. They could fix their teams so they're not complete type sticklers - Hoenn is the only region (other than Kalos) where all the gym leaders and E4 only have Pokémon of their speciality type. Plus Hoenn's dex is a bit underpowered to have trainers only...
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    Do Psychic-types use their brain as the source of their power, or demons?

    Right, because "demons" are just so obvious. Clearly the food was cooked by demons before anything else.
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    If you could invent a new type

    Why would you make a Nuclear type for the purpose of nerfing Fairies while unbalancing the game by nerfing Grass and Ice even more? My observation that Pokémon lacks natural, humanoid Pokémon beyond maximum human height still holds for Gen 6, so I'm still advocating Giant. With entirely...
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    Do Psychic-types use their brain as the source of their power, or demons?

    TC seems to be already convinced that demonic powers are the source, having 1) reduced the possibilities to either brain or demons, nothing else and 2) determined that brains can't be the source, again for no real reason. Nevertheless, I'll try and make this a more open discussion by suggesting...
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    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Gen III remakes) ANNOUNCED

    Re: The Generation III Remake Discussion My point is that it's quite possible to be applied to everything, not necessarily the "headache" that you said it would be.
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    Have you ever quit Pokemon?

    Roughly spring 2001 to early 2010. Reasons for quitting probably included: -the end of the publication of TopDeck, the official magazine of (former English-language Pokémon TCG publishers) Wizards of the Coast. -overshadowing by other interests including pro wrestling, retro gaming and The...
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    Pokemon Q/A

    What was the first Shiny Pokémon you ever caught? A golden Magikarp in Dragon's Den in HeartGold, caught 15 December 2011. What was the first event Pokémon you got? Movie14 Victini. What was the first game you played? Black, on 18 August 2011. What was the first Pokemon you caught? Probably a...
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    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Gen III remakes) ANNOUNCED

    Re: The Generation III Remake Discussion For what it's worth, level scaling has been done extensively in the main series games, notably in both Battle Frontier Open Level Courses. The Battle Pike had Trainers with all their Pokémon at the highest level of the player's team, and wild Pokémon...
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    Funniest quotes from the Pokémon Games, Anime, Manga, and more?

    The Battle Maison/Institute in XY is full of 'em. "Halt, fool! I am the guardian of this castle's gardens! A ninja of nature!" - Gardener Logan "Heheh... I see it all clearly... You are a doctor from an evil planet, aren't you?" - Hex Maniac Ciara "How's that? Owned, suckah!" - Owner Cyril "The...
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    [Theory/Opinion] what do you THINK the humans in the pokemon universe eat?

    (Disclaimer: I'm only talking about game examples and game canon. I'm assuming there are different canons because I share Masuda's belief that there are "parallel worlds" in Pokémon). The games don't mention human food that much... I know some things are mentioned in the English versions at...
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    Favourite Asian cuisine

    Indian has been my long-standing favourite. Japanese has come quite close recently - though a bit bland for my tastes - with sushi, udon, teriyaki, wasabi, etc. all firm favourites.