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    The First Starter You've Picked For Each Generation?

    1. Bulbasaur (red/firered) and charmander (blue/leafgreen) 2. Totodile (silver/heartgold) 3. Treecko (emerald/alphasaphire/saphire) 4. Turtwig (diamond/platinum) 5. Oshawott (black/white) and Snivy (black2/white2) 6. Froakie (x) I will generally stick to a single starter through all the...
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    Your first shiny. How? when? where?

    First shiny for me was back in original Pokemon Gold days - I was failing at my hunt for shiny Entei and decided I would just keep running into random encounters on Mt. Silver instead to level up my pokemon. This took a while as the level cap in the original games was horrible... And eventually...
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    What balls did you use to capture the legendary pokémon?

    I have been recently soft resetting for shiny pokemon: Got a shiny reshiram in master ball (my 3ds had the bottom screen broken at that time, and so I just blindly flung a master ball not wanting to risk it after 3d of near constant soft resetting) With the screen fixed I ended up trying for...
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    Big Trophy Shiny Trading Thread

    Hey! I have the tyrogues family I chained for back in platinum. Was more interested in kalos native tyrogues --- that said, please pm me a reminder and I will trade you my (also platinum) flygon for free.
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    Big Trophy Shiny Trading Thread

    Hey Wild Card -- PM me with your choice of shiny then and lets trade
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    Big Trophy Shiny Trading Thread

    That is way cute. That said, I don't intend to just give stuff. If you want tho, PM me with perhaps one of my non-kalos native shiny that you want and I can give it for free :-)
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    Big Trophy Shiny Trading Thread

    Hey all. I have a growing list of surplus shiny pokemon I am hoping to trade away. These include both Kalos-native and Kalos-non-native pokemon. I am primarily looking for pokemon caught or found within the Kalos region. If desired, I can trade 2:1 with non-native pokemon, but otherwise all...
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    Shiny 5IV Mons/Legendary Galore

    Hey, I would be interested in your orange flower Flabebe, bunneary, Kangaskhan, Swinub, Snorlax if these are still available. I can offer a number of kalos born shiny pokemon - bunnelby,diggersby, Female litleo, Swirlix, Pancham, Sawk, Camerupt, Machoke, Furfrou, Inkay, goldeen(s). I also...
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    Kalos Shinies (Giveaway)[Important Update!!]

    Re: Kalos Shinies (Giveaway) Hey! Sent you a pm - would love to trade you for togepi, phanpy and/or solrock! Would be ok to trade back my double shiny so this can keep going on :-)
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    Regular Shinies and Shiny Deoxys

    Hey, Is your omastar native to Kalos? If so, please feel free to PM me and we cans et up some trade :-)
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    Kalos Shiny for Trade

    4/9/14 Udate: 1. Multiple Kalos native and non-native shiny for trade - including: - Kalos native Gen 6: honedge, goomy, dedenne, dragalgae, gogoat, diggersby, meowstic (male) - Kalos native Gen 1-5: trubbish, petilil, nidorino, qwillfish - Kalos-non native: Umbreon, Krookodile Looking for...
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    Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

    Re: Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thead- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING Hey everyone - I am looking for Friend Safaris to help me expand my shiny collection. In particular interested in the safaris with pokemon listed below. Feel free to PM me regardless as I will add you to my...
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    Kalos Shiny for Trade

    3/25/14 update - duplicate shiny now include: 1. Kalos-native: Golurk, Crustle, Slurpuff 2. Non-native: Hydreigon, Gengar, medicham I also have most of the even legends from previous generations to trade. As before, only really interested in shiny pokemon caught in X/Y games. Please either pm...
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    Shinys & Event Pokemon

    hey I am interested in shiny crawdaunt. is it caught in Kalos? I can offer shaymin, also multiple shiny for it (nidoran, crustle, pinsir)
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    Offering Event, Legendary and Shiny Pokemon

    Hey I have a handful of kalos shiny pokemon - frogadier and fennekin to be specific - that I am willing to trade. Interested in other kalos bred (pentagon on status screen) pokemon. Pm me with your list of available trades if you are interested. Thanks
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    Offering Shiny Pokemon

    Hey - Don't have the pikachu you want but can trade you shiny fennekin. Are any of your pokemon native to Kalos?
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    Kalos Shiny for Trade

    Hey. Any kalos native shiny I don't have would be ok with it. Feel free to pm me your list -- thanks!
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    Kalos Shiny for Trade

    Hey! I now have a shiny fennekin for trade. It is lv1/hatched but with most unfortunate nature. I would be ok with any shiny kalos native pokemon I don't have. I have completed the kalos shiny dex (found at least one of all gen vi new pokemon shiny).
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    Kalos Shiny for Trade

    hey. Unfortunately traded it away already. Will likely find another while looking for shiny lampent and then will pm you.
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    Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

    Re: Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thead- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING Hey everyone - I am looking for Friend Safaris to help me expand my shiny collection. In particular interested in Fire safaris with Vocarona pre-evo, ground safaris with camerupt, nincada and palpitoad, psychic...