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  1. H

    Who would have made a better champion in XY

    I don't really care who the champion is, i'd just prefer not to one shot her whole team. She was so easy! This is what passes for champ in the kalos area? Normally on my first battle with the champ i at least have to use a few healing items on my team, not Diantha.
  2. H

    What Do You Do When the Game is Done?

    I always fill the dex then get real upset over the pokemon i'm still missing, Damn u Genesect,Meloetta, and Victini!!!!!!! I don't battle online so i'm just waiting for event pokemon and hopefully Pokemon Z. But in the mean time i just bought Mega man zero collection on ebay!
  3. H

    A return to Orre

    I love the Orre Region, it always seemed more dangerous and it kinda made u feel like a cowboy or something lol. I also loved the fact that double battles are pretty much standard in Orre, i think that would be great in a main series game on the 3DS. Sadly i doubt will ever see it. :( Edit...
  4. H

    Speculation:Will Gen 6 have a third game or something different?

    Release Date for next game? So yeah i've played through and Beat Pokemon x once and Pokemon Y twice now, just sitting here waiting on Pokemon bank and Poke Transporter.(and waiting and waiting) Anyway i've been thinking about whats next in store for us now that the Main series has finally...
  5. H

    TEEN: Unpredictable

    Re: "Unpredictable" Damn i got to the end and i want more!!! Great Work keep it up! What about adding something like this to help us keep track of the journey, I gotta admit i get kinda confused keeping track of all the trainers and there pokemon...
  6. H

    Speculation Should GameFreak make a Pokémon game with all regions in it?

    All the regions at once is just to much, don't get me wrong there is a reason why gen 2 and the remakes of gold a silver are my favorite games in the series. I absolutlely loved going through kanto and getting 8 more badges after beating and main game. How about a remake of gen 3, with Sinnoh...
  7. H

    Pokemon Bank

    True, but i still have faith that it will be up and running before the end of February. Nintendo has been around since my early childhood and i grew up with my NES and old brick black and white Gameboy. To many fond memories to give up over 1 small delay. Look at the xbox 360 and the red rings...
  8. H

    Pokemon Bank

    Alot of people have complained about the small fee, and the fact that transfering pokemon from last gen isn't built in game any longer. #1-If u can't afford pokemon bank how the hell did u ever pay for a Nintendo 3DS and a Pokemon game??? It costs more to eat lunch at Mcdonalds...
  9. H

    MATURE: Beneath the Surface (A Pokemon Fanfic) - (Chapter Two now up)

    Enjoy the story so far, KEEP GOING!
  10. H

    TEEN: The Hour of Twilight

    PLEASE KEEP GOING. I really love the gang so far! Graves seems like a Pokemon robin hood of sorts. I'd really like to hear at some point how he got his tail cut off
  11. H

    Pokemon Bank

    Yeah its annoying, alot of people are upset. I bought Pokemon X on the release date of October 12th and was finished Oct 19th. I think the shortest pokemon game since gen 1. So i waited a few weeks and bought Pokemon Y now i'm really looking forward to sending all my pokemon from White 2 to this...
  12. H

    The next Gen VI WiFi Event??

    Well the time is coming to and end for Event Torchic With speed boost holding a Blazikenite. My questions are what do you guys think the next WiFi Event will be? Will a new Event happen right away or take some time? For question 1 i really dunno part of me hopes somehow it will be another...
  13. H

    Pokemon Bank

    Stress tests are a good sign, because after all whats the point of releasing the app if the networks gonna crash again. I think they should do a midnight release on a school night. wave 1-Midnight-this would still be the biggest wave, would be adult pokemon fans and older kids that will be...
  14. H

    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Gen III remakes) ANNOUNCED

    Re: The Generation III Remake Discussion The thing i remember most about gen 3 is surfing like all the damn time lol. Not that i mind it, but i like to see other overworld surfing pokemon like lapras has its own in x & y.
  15. H

    What is your favorite and least favorite starter Pokemon

    Favorite starter-Chimchar his evo is just so bad ass looking. Least-Mudkip is just ugly or Chikorita its cute i like bayleafs design as well but so under powered has nothing going for it, Chikorita needs a mega evo the most!
  16. H

    Pokemon Bank

    I'm kinda getting tired of checking the eshop 3 to 5 times a day to see if we have a release date, managed to get all 18 starters and now i'm starting to get some other pokes i need. By the time bank releases i might not have much of a need for it lmao. Oh well still can't wait to have a "living...
  17. H

    First Global Link PokéMileage Club attraction announced: Discout coupon to be distrib

    Re: First Global Link PokéMileage Club attraction announced: Discout coupon to be dis Would be nice if it had evo stones for prizes. Sucks that the only stones u can buy in x & y are fire/leaf/water. I could really use a few more moon stones.
  18. H

    GEN VI: Looking for a kind soul.

    I have done pretty much everything i can do in pokemon x, been waiting on the bank and transporter but it seems further and further away since nintendo won't even discuss it even though the eshop is running just fine now. Anyway i've been slowy filling my dex with pokemon i already have in...